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Halloween Ball, Part I
Submitted 5 November 2003 by Hope.
IC Date:   31 October 2003
Point of View:   Hope
Participants:   Connor, Cyclops, Geneva, Gregory, Gunther, Hope, Lexi, Logan, Phoenix, Ryan, Shadowcat, Storm
Locale:   Rockerfeller Center, New York City
Summary:   The big Charity Halloween Ball and Carnival in New York's Rockerfeller Center shows to be a smashing success.

Continued from Part I.

Gregory says "Check out the Elvis guy, Man these costumes are weird. I shoulda had a cape. Then they'd think I was a super hero though, Like the t-shirt says. Anyway, let's go over to see that big colorful striped ugly thing on the guy's head."

Scott does begin to spot a few other familar faces in the crowd. He pushes away from the punch table and slowly begins to make his way into the crowd. Not in any particular direction, but just to wander.

Lexi laughs and Greg and shakes her head. "Aright." She murmurs, pleasently enough.

"You're looking quite nice yourself tonight, Ryan," Ororo says in return to her date, and gives him a squeeze as they seek out the warmer climate of the tent. Once inside, Ororo looks about at the others, admiring the costumes more now that she's out of open night air.

Hope smiles and looks down at her feet, or at least the toes of them that she can see and looks back up at Connor. "So...I'm guessing you boy from Boston?" she comments, teasing slightly at the lack of the costume, but good naturedly. She nods towards the artisan's booths. "Wanna walk with me?" she asks.

Gregory says "Weeeiiird. Weeeeird. So ..." He stares at the thing on the guys head getting up close enough to poke at it, "What are you this Halloween?"

Lexi nudges Greg in the ribs. Poking other peoples' costumes...But then has to laugh at him. Greg is so funny sometimes.

Connor laughs and takes a glance at his outfit with a shrug "Um...yeah..all I had lying around." He looks over to the booths she's referring to and smiles "I'd love to" With that he starts heading towards the tents.

Stiffening at the sound of the voice heard earlier in the evening, and turning his head slowly, bells jingling far more cheerfully than his face shows as he looks toward Gregory, putting himself between Ororo and the man...thing...whatever. There's no humor in his voice as Ryan addresses the man he'd met earlier that evening ...again. "What the hell do you want, messenger boy?"

Jean enters the festival tent with Logan, slipping the long white fur cloak off her shoulders as she passes into the heated area, protected from the snow. She hands her cape over to Logan with a peck on the cheek, letting him see for the first time the costume she'd chosen. Seems her and Ro had planned this out. Devil and Angel. Heaven forbid. Her trusty Ash from the Evil Dead movies at her side she looks around. "Looks like a good party."

Gregory says "Hey, just here because I heard there was a party... and I was invited! Yeah.... totally. Me an' Lexi are just being festive, after all, day of the dead, whatall... Kinda for US you know? Or undead as the case may be, eh? Check the costume! I'm a vampire! Can you tell?"

Lexi's eyes narrow at Ryan, looking dangerously red. But she keeps her mouth shut. For the moment. She glances a Gregory, but doesn't smile. Okay, so Greg is taking it well, but Lexi is not so gracious. Or maybe she's just not in as good a mood.

Hope walks beside Connor as they pass along the booths of people displaying thier wares. "I...I'm sorry I never called. I meant to but..My cousin came back into town and I've been spending a lot of time with him lately and well...working some personal things out. I hope you can forgive me." As they walk she hears the voice of Ryan nearby and looks over her shoulder, spotting him, the Devil and the other two near him. She leans in closer to Connor reflexively. Even though she knows the truth it's still a bit disturbing to her. Not even realizing she is doing it, her hand creeps up to his elbow, holding on tightly as she looks over.

Ororo is likewise frowning, though she doesn't engage the messenger with conversation right now. She's listening, and trying to maintain some semblance of keeping her wits about her. She does turn more towards the conversation though, when the other girl shows up to accompany Gregory next to Ryan. Can't have her date getting hurt now, can we? "Let the dead do as they will, Ryan. We have our own things to do this evening." She squeezes his arm and begins trying to move him away from trouble.

Logan accepts the cloak from Jean and takes a long moment to appreciate the creative attire, giving a bit of a grin before taking the garment and subsequently checking it with the staff at the door, sharing a few brief words with one man and exchanging another few tidbits for charity before turning back to his date, taking her arm with the chainsaw-adorned appendage, though it's not as if the man with the unusual glove has a shortage of experience in cutting only what he wants to cut, lucky Jean. A nod is the only initial reply to her statement, dark eyes scanning the crowds thoughtfully and considering the rather overpopulated party, "Smells like good booze." He concedes after a moment, catching sight of Ororo out of the corner of his eye and guiding Jean in that direction, step increasing slightly as he becomes aware of the body language of those gathered.

Connor notices her uneasyness and slips his hand into hers instinctivly, giving it a reassuring squeeze as he replies "Oh, it's no problem, really. I've been a bit busy myself" He glances over at the man that's making her uncomfortable, taking notice of the mini quarrel.

Ryan's taking Ororo's hint well enough, as he watches Gregory and his little girl ghoulie with pink hair showing off mega pissed vibes. "Yeah, you have your party, but away from me, man...." Ryan's voice is cold...not really all that happy. Talk about enough to piss a guy off. Sets him on edge. Is the Prince of Darkness going to show up here now and win best costume award? Shit. And he allows himself to be led, but doesn't stop watching Gregory until they've moved sufficiently enough through the crowd to have a barrier of flesh between them.

The hairs on the back of Scott's neck stand up as he feels the tension before turning his head to see the brief meeting toward the center of the mass of people. He begins to make his way in that direction. He does not notice the two newest arrivals into the tent.

Jean notices Logan's quickened pace and smiles a little confusedly. "In a hurry to get to the dancefloor I take it?" she teases him as she begins a mental scan out of instinct. She manuvers her wings well enough to not flap everyone with them. She spots Ryan and Ororo and waves to them, not yet noticing the Elvis to the rescue as well. That's right one family. All coming to the other's aid.

Actually, yes. The Prince of Darkness, Son of the Dragon, he will be coming. Who do you think invited Gregory? hahahahahah! Gregory grins. He can feel him coming now. Out of the night sky, like a mist.

Lexi isn't a ghoulie anymore! Sheesh! She just glares, crossing her arms...though she is not quite so smooth as Greg - Vlad's presence makes her twitch, noticeably.

Hope seems a bit distracted, her usual warmth and presence strangely absent for the moment. Her eyes are locked on the tall jester hat and she takes a deep breath, watching them. "" she loses her train of thought and words.

Like most at the gathering, Ororo can't feel the arrival of the Dark Prince, which is all the better for her, as she really doesn't want anything to do with the man/thing. She waves to Jean, spotting her at about the same time as she herself was spotted, and begins leading Ryan towards the redhead and her chainsaw handy man. "Come on Ryan, there's Jean and Logan."

Connor moves in front of her, taking both of her hands into his to take attention back towards him in an attempt to distract her. His eyes look deep into hers "Hey...are you alright? You ok Hope?"

Vladimir descends down from the sky above.

Ryan and Ororo's egress is swiftly and subtly superceded by the surprisingly mobile canuck, weaving through a few people quickly without benefit of revving chainsaw, to draw Jean along to intersect with the other set of X-Men's path, "Somethin' wrong?" Logan asks simply, shifting to a relaxed stance once he's reached his destination, glancing from Jean, to Ryan and Ororo, and then back towards the hastily abandoned Gregory and Lexi. Was that? Wolverine sniffs the air once, and his face shifts into a distinct frown.

Ryan'd already been on edge after running into Gregory earlier in the evening. And twice in one night can so not be good. No, he can't sense the arrival of the Dark Prince (bater)...but he can still have that earlier tension lingering and wariness kicking into high gear. Damn vampires. They suck. No pun intended. And at seeing Jean and Logan, likely Logan knows right off all's not right in Ryan's world. No smile is greeting him. Instead it's a pseudo smile. Halfhearted. "Yo." Nope. Not even leering over Jean's costume either. Just nodded to her. "Fucking vampires." And Jean can likely tell his mind is filled with worries about Dracula right about now too. The messenger's shown up twice to him already.

Although apparently unobserved, Scott comes up behind Ryan and Ororo, over hearing Ryan's explative. "Wouldn't mind one more hand then?" He steps up in sight of the group now forming together.

Jean smiles to Ryan and Ororo, tipping a wink to her naughty evil counterpart. "Nice evening for it wouldn't you say?" She tilts her head slightly as she senses a new presence. A strange mental pattern. One that is alien to her. She frowns a little and tilts her head, glancing over at Logan and then back to the group, spotting Scott and smiling at the Elvis costume. He always did like the King.

Ororo greets Jean with a hug, staying quiet to begin with after acknowledging the wink with one of her own. She lets Ryan go through his tirade about vampires, which is something that she herself is feeling too, but isn't choosing to voice it right now. There's a small understanding smile on her face as she slips her arm around Ryan's waist and holds him against her.

It is without fanfare, without annoucement, it is soundless as he arrives, forming himself out of the mist to join the party. Ah, he knows he will not be welcome, any more than Gregory or his young Lexi. He knows that the woman he cares for does not look back at the time with fondness, but he remembers her softening to him... he thinks to her.

Hope blinks a little and realizes that Connor is in front of her now and it seems to drag her back into the present. She looks at him a moment and then nods, putting on a brave face and forcing a smile. "I'm..yes..I'm fine." she says adding to the end "Really" as if to try to convince him.

Connor releases one of her hands, returning to her side and intertwining their fingers on the hands still clasped together. "Well are you ready to go check out those tents then?"

Wolverine shifts to the other side of Jean after Ororo's greeting, ostensibly freeing up the chainsaw. He gives Ryan a bit of a grin, something of a reassurance gesture, and looks back towards the odd scents. Yea, he agrees with Jean, and he knows exactly what's up here. Or at least, well enough to feel a bit more on the aggressive side of irritated. Which is a side of Logan he doesn't exactly subdue. He nods once to Scott, "Course. I'm thinkin' someone's plannin' some Halloween melodrama." He tosses a look between concern and warning to Ororo. She may be quiet, but he's betting she's more ready for the possibilities than the dismissive attitude conveys. The air is considered again, and Wolverine's eyes narrow a bit, "Gettin' crowded in here." And he doesn't mean the socialites.

Ryan too puts his arm around Ro. Not possessivelike. More. Holding on. As if afraid she'll just be wisked away from him and disappear. There's an edge in him that realizes this touches on surreal. All of it. With the costumes. And he's got his own demons he's trying to push aside along with dealing with this vampire crap. Why can't things just be...fucking simpler? Less drama and stress?

Returning the nod to Wolverine, Scott does not relax as the hairs on the back of his neck still have not settled. Something is wrong even if you cannot spot it right away with the crowd of people in the tent. He remains quiet and just keeps surveying the crowd looking for someone to make the move he knows must be coming.

Geneva steps out of the taxi and pays the man, then her cover for the party. Gen's a sucker for charity. Who woulda guessed? There are so many people here, it's highly doubtful she'd find anyone she knows... She just wanders about, frowning softly. she's even getting the vibes of not-quite-rightness. And she just got here!

Jean hugs her devilish friend tightly. An odd but captivating sight of the Devil and Angel hugging. Odd. She murmurs softly into the blonde's ear. "You alright?" low enough for only those with super hearing to pick up. She looks into Ororo's eyes as she mentaly says to her .oO(You know that no matter what happens we here behind you. Don't worry.)Oo. She smiles over to her chainsaw bedecked date and nods, keeping the mental link up with Ororo.

Ororo looks around almost wildly after pulling back from the hug with Jean, staring herself at the surrealistic interior of the tent. Looking for something for a moment before she breaks from Ryan rather abruptly. "Ryan, I have to go, he's here, in my head.." Then, in something akin to a nice movie chase scene, she begins to run through the crowd. She's not completely terrified, but the forces of nature cannot be brought to bear when there are so many innocents around. (Well, ok, she's a little scared) When she's clear of the tented area, she checks behind herself and then takes to the air, soaring high up above the buildings as quickly as she can, hoping that the winds are with her tonight.

Hope nods to Connor and walks away with him, looking over her shoulder as they head towards the craftsman's booths, pausing by a silversmith's table to examine his wares. She looks away as she speaks. "Sorry for um...flaking out on you there." she nearly whispers to Connor.

And it is in that grand arena of the stars that Vladimir finds her, wraped as she is in her crimson garments, he descends upon her like a hawk upon a ruby throated sparrow. And into that good night they fly.

Connor smiles and leans his head against hers gently as they look at the booths, whispering back in her ear from behind her "It's fine..really...don't worry 'bout it"

Logan's course at Ororo's rapid departure is about as dramatic, but quite different. Instead of heading for the door, he disengages his arm from the redhead's waist and heads straight for the newest 'off' scent, scents he knows a bit too well, either directly or by association. Hopefully, he can confront the interloper into this party and his friend's mind before he takes off after his real quarry. And it's with that intent that Logan steps quickly back towards the unusually halloweeny trio, a grim set to his face. Impulsive? Naw.

Hope shakes her head, clutching her plush dragon to her, looking a little silly since it's so large. "'s not..I..I'm sorry I ...I just need some air for a moment." And with that she heads quickly for the tent doors, releasing his hand to hold up her skirts as she moves.

Connor sighs as he follows her through the exits of the tents, not wanting to leave her alone.

Gregory says "Damn... that was quick. Ah well, sweet. That was him. Lookit him go! He can really get the speed on that flight thing. I don't have that down yet... at all. But hey, soon right?"

Oh fuck /no/ you don't! Ryan's already bolting after Ro. Shiiiit. Just seeing that deer being hunted look in her eyes freaked him out enough. And now she's leaving where maybe he could have tried to help her...along with everyone else. Damn it, he doesn't want her to get waylaid by the fiend. But he knows she tops him on speed, and by the time he's cleared out and taken to the air, his stupid had falling to the ground with a chink of bells uncared for, she's already a speck on the horizon, barely seen. And he screams a gutteral cry of frustration and lowers to the ground...feeling fucking impotent in that moment. Couldn't do anything. Again. Damn it why didn't he convince her to stay in? Please God don't let him get her. And he's outside in the darkness about two blocks away, when he sits down in the snow...dropping first to his knees before slamming angry fists into the ground. His voice carries well enough though probably not so far as the expletive after another.

Lexi shivers slightly. "I know." She mutters to Gregory, and glances down for a moment. She looks vaguely nervous.

Hope heads toward Times Square and the Theater District.

Hope takes a few deep breaths as she reaches the cold air outside, her booted feet crunching through the snow as she walks towards Central Park, not even paying attention. She stops and stares at a space in the Park and then down to the Dragon in her arms. "Oh my Gosh!" she whispers shocked as the memories hit her and she comes to a dead stand still.

Connor sees her stop dead in her tracks and runs over to her, placing his hands on her arms "What's wrong Hope...what's going on?"

Yep, he's gonna think she's crazy but Hope doesn't know how to say anything but the truth. "I saw a dragon. A real dragon. Here in the park. I remember. It picked me up..I ..I thought it was going to eat me but...but it was saving me. I rode on it's back." she says in a dazed voice, still staring into the large empty space in the park.

Connor actually has no doubt whatsoever that she's telling the truth, he's seen a dragon here before too, but not wanting to waste her time explaining it goes back to her. "Are you ok?" He reaches out and cups her face in his hand. "You alright?"

Hope looks up into Connor's eyes and blinks. "I'm ...fine..just" she takes a deep breath. "Overwhelmed." She closes her eyes amoment and breathes deeply of the cold air. "First that boy in this...all at once. " She shakes her head a little and looks down at the stuffed animal in her arms.

Connor nods understandingly and pulls her into his arms, murming little things into her ear to try and make her feel better. "You'll be fine love..No worries" With that he takes off his pea coat and drapes it over her shoulders.

Hope shivers in her silk finery. It's pretty and serves some bits of protection from the cold but not a lot. The woll coat is a welcome thing. That is until she look over at him in his t-shirt in the snow. "'ll freeze. " she protests as she looks up at him, concerned despite her own inner confusion.

Connor smiles and kisses her forehead "Better me than you aye?" He wraps an arm around her waist partially as a protective instinct, but it's also keeping him warm as they stand in the snow.

Hope leans into him and rests her head on his chest. Silent a moment, listening to the sounds of the city. Softly, almost lost in the other sounds "It was him. wasn't. It's just so hard to get that through. I understand it mentaly but..when I see all just comes back."

Connor pulls her close to him and rests his head atop hers "I's just going to take time love. It'll end soon, you'll work through it."

Hope nods slightly and takes a deep breath. "I know...I know." she answers. She looks up slowly and seems to realize the position she has put herself in, getting a little nervous and embarassed. Elf Queen she's not. Not a regal person of imposing grace but fragile and delicate like the snow flakes that gather round thier faces.

Connor looks down at her as her gaze rises and lowers his head slightly. His fingers loosen around her waist barely as he closes his eyes and leans down to kiss her, leaving room for her to pull away if she's uncomfortable.

Hope's own eyes slide closed a little and her face tilts more up to his, thier lips brushing before she realizes what she's doing and turns her head to the side, her cheeks hot and burning as the blush creeps into her face. What is she doing? Her heart pounding in her throat rapidly as she realizes what is happening and immediately whispering an apology. "I'm sorry. "

Connor takes a deep breath and opens his eyes slowly,looking at her, whispering in her ear "Why'd you stop yourself?" His arms are still around her waist, their bodies still close together.

Hope is still whispering, "I....I can't..I.." she bites her bottom lip and looks down at the ground. She would have pulled away but she doesn't want him to freeze. "I'm just not...I'm not that kind of girl. At least....I don't /think/ I am. I's just..." She sighs softly and bites her lip "confusing."

Connor takes his hands off her waist and slips them into her hands, intertwining their fingers together. "What do you mean that kind of girl Hope? I...I like you...and I just...I kinda thought that we could be something...Ya know? I'm not looking for a one night stand or anything. I just wanted you to know how I felt, and that I'd do my best to keep you safe..." His eyes now follow hers to the ground, his voice a whisper "I'm sorry if this hurt you in anyway, or brought back bad memories..."

Hope shakes her head "Oh didn't was nice." she says quickly and then bites her lip as if she can stop herself and call back the hasty words. "I...I mean...I just....I don't usually move so quickly. " She cuts herself off and stops talking, not sure what to say. She stands on tip toe and kisses his cheek shyly.

Connor smiles a bit as she kisses his cheek before looking back into her eyes "So we're ok?"

Hope nods. If ever a virtuous girl there were, it is Hope. "We're okay." she affirms and smiles softly, glancing away. "You're cold." she notes seeing the goosebumps on his arms and shoulders.

Connor smiles "I'll be fine...but I do need to get going, have to be in boston by morning." He gives both hands a gentle squeeze and kisses her cheek "Give me a call when you're free alright?"

Hope nods and smiles, stepping back and slipping the coat off her shoulders and handing it back to him, the faint scent of her fragrance lingering in the coat most likely for a long while after he has reached home. "Alright. Maybe you could meet my cousin sometime."

Connor smiles and wraps the jacket back around her "Keep it, I'll get it from you later...And I'd love to meet him. Give me a call" As he backs away he keeps his hands on hers for as long as possible before turning to leave "Bye Hope..."

Totally oblivious to the recent vampire encounters - a good thing, as she has a thing about vampires due to previous encounters - Kitty arrives, walking down from where she left her bike parked. Which was a good distance away, considering the crowds. She smiles a bit to herself, enjoying the night out as she walks towards the tent. Though currently, the cold weather has her wearing a trenchcoat. That, and the fact that she doesn't want to be hassled on her way to the party in question.

Jean stops at the beer garden and orders two brewskies in pint glasses. She turns to Ryan and smiles, taking a deep breath. "Happy Halloween?" she offers as they hand the beers over and she produces a bill from the recesses ofher cleavage. How'd she hide that there? She hand Ryan a mug and clinks hers to it before taking a healthy draw from it. Yep...someone has spent too much time around the Cannuck.

Hope nearly runs into Logan as she re-enters the tent at the doors, not paying attention to where she's going and she stops with a small gasp as his eyes meet hers and she does indeed look away quickly after a brief deer-in-headlights moment.

Ryan smiles a bit at Jean, and that he doesn't leer at her magic 'money from the boobs' trick, shows he's still not himself right now. Not relaxed or in the mood for joking around. Still he did smile, as he took the beer. Then he brought it to his lips in short order, draining a good third in a few gulps before lowering it and licking his lips to clear them of the froth. Good beer.

Geneva looks to Scott again, realizing that he'd disappeared somewhere. So the little one takes off, making good use of the wake Logan had left behind to catch up. It takes her a moment to recognize Hope, but when she does, she grins, "Hope... hi!"

Wolverine nods once to Hope and gives a bit of a neutral grunt, stepping to the side and out of her way. She's not the sort of person he's trying to stare down, so she's spared the brunt of his irritation at the moment. She looks like she thinks he's about to take the chainsaw to her, anyway, so he lets My Little Pony girl manage that particular crisis, and heads instead for the bar, "Gimme a double of Jack. #7." He orders, slipping up on the other side of Jean and snaking an arm around her waist, "You two okay?" He asks of the pair, more of Ryan.

Jean nods to Ryan, carefully but subtly pays attention to the non verbal cues that Ryan gives off. She looks at her beer and is just about to take another draw of her draught when she feels the arm slide around her. "Oh my...You'll make me lose my wings yet won't you Mr Ash?" she teases with the double entendre. "We're getting better. Right?" she says to Ryan, holdingher mug out to him.

Hope blinks, looking away from the angry looking, scary man and looks to the source of the voice that calls her name. "Ang....I mean..." she smiles sheepishly "Geneva. Hello" Her walking on air feeling begins to return and she smiles brilliantly, looking more herself than ever despite the costume and pointy ears.

"As long as 'Ro stays okay, I'm a'ight. Jean's keeping tabs." Ryan's voice is slightly thicker than normal, but he then lifts his beer, catching Jean's motion out of the corner of his eye, and moves to clink his mug to hers, then after drains another third. Gulp gulp gulp. Right now he's not looking at the pair of them though. Just scanning the crowd beyond for that vampire messenger boy. He'd serve just as well as any other vampire right now to get some serious frustrations vented.

As Kitty approaches the entrance to the tent, it's difficult to immediately spot folks...after all, well...everyone's in costume. But Geneva's fairly distinctive, and so is Hope..and the guy with the chainsaw looked VAGUELY familiar. She starts into a jog, catching up, then calling out as she gets closer. "Hey guys!" She waves as she moves to the entrance.

Geneva grins to Hope and moves to hug the woman, "How're you? Sam told me you'd come by the mansion. He's in trouble now. he didn't tell me til a few days after you'd visited." A kitten hugging an elf. God, I love Halloween!

Luckily, maybe for Ryan, Wolverine already drove off the other undead. This room.... is clear. He's glad of that, if not all that elated about Ororo's current situation. He picks up the brimming whiskey shot and downs it quickly, nodding to the bartender and sliding the glass back towards him, "Gimme a MGD too." He orders, "Bottle." Damn charity events and their skimpy drafts. He shifts his arm a bit to be a little less disturbing to Jean wing's and just casts a grin aside at her, leaning in to kiss lightly below one glittered cheek. He nods to Ryan, "Don't worry 'bout that, bub." Logan responds, and that's for a lot of reasons. Not the least of which is Storm's own ability. He inclines his head back to peer back towards the door as Kitty arrives, waiting for her to notice him, a bit beyond Geneva and Hope, before looking back to Ryan and Jean, "This shit ain't supposed to be about real demons." Says the guy with the chainsaw on his hand.

Jean nods solemly to Logan and Ryan, drinking deeply of her mug after the clink but not nearly draining her mug like Ryan. Softly she says, barely heard "They're gone." knowing that Ryan would understand what she means. She already knows from the mental link with Logan that they are long gone. She smiles at the kiss turning and nipping at his chin with a wink. "It's not about them. It's about us scaring away the real demons. Which we have done so....I say we drink." Ororo is still in her mind though and she continues to keep mental tabs on her.

Hope smiles and hugs the kitten tightly. "Oh you met my cousin Sammy? Isn't he just the best. I can't believe he know...all this time and he /never/ told me! But..that's neither here nor there is it?" she says the last frowning a little but then quickly brightening back up. She hears the other familiar voice and looks up, smiling and waving to Kitty. "Oh hello" she says, one arm still around Geneva. One odd thing about her though is that prescence of a black wool peacoat that doesn't exactly match her costume, draped over her shoulders.

"It never is, Logan..." Ryan chuckles dryly, looking into his beer...and wondering if it's getting warmer or if it's just him vaguely as he continues after, "But it seems to always be about the real thing doesn't it?" Ryan sniffs and rubs his nose with the side of his hand then drains the remainder of the beer after lowering it. Then adds, "Sucks." After. There you have it folks...Ryan's opinion on the matter in a nutshell. And he moves to order another...and reaches for his wallet for his ID. He'll pay for this one. He just nods at Jean's comment. Yeah. He knows. He doesn't miss much and he'd looked. Unless they were crouched down low or something. That one guy was tall. "I like the drinking option..." He adds though. This while he's in the process of ordering another.

Kitty doesn't really blink twice at Hope's's cold! Though she's moderately curious at her costume, smiling a bit at the other two girls. "Hey, the gangs all here! I didn't think I'd run into you guys." She notes Logan looking her way and brightens, waving back cheerfully to Logan, then letting her gaze flick over to Ryan and Jean drinking. Hmm. Well. Someone's having a poor night, from the look of it.

Geneva looks up and nods to Kitty, falling silent. Just nothing really to say. She looks back towards the bar, picking out Ryan Jean and Logan pretty easily. Two people with flamboyantly red hair and the short scary guy. Nah... they don't stick out at all

Who doesn't like the drinking idea? It's a good, solid, scientific approach to the problem. Beer, now there's a temporary solution. There's just something dulled about the party, though. Hard to relax someplace where you're already sure your enemies know right where to find you. Still, it's not the idea of a fight that bothers Logan, and that possibility's never stopped him from tipping a few back before. He liberates his weaponless arm from Jean's waist to down the second round of liquor just as quickly as the first, picking his beer up off the bar and lifting the bottle to his lips, draining a sizeable chunk of it before he lowers it again, "Least it ain't all devils." He comments with a bit of a wry grin, directed towards Jean. He seems content for the moment to loiter near the bar and keep efficiency high.

Jean smirks slightly at Logan's comment and raises her glass to her lips. "But some closer than we might realize huh?" she teases. She looks to Ryan and watches him get more liquor. "I'm good for now. Afraid I can't toss them back as fast as you and Logan."

Hope shivers a little despite the heavy coat as she follows Kitty's gaze. "You /know/ him?" she whispers as she notices Kitty looking at Logan. "He's scary." she states, firm in her opinion. But then there's the other boy and she shivers again, looking away, trying to tell herself over in her mind what Sammy had told her. To get it to sink in and take hold.

Geneva shakes her head, "Hope... I don't really think he's that bad... Just kinda seems that way... she checks her watch absently, then blinks, "Oh crud... I gotta go... I promised Amy I'd babysit for her tonight. She's got a party to go to as well." She gives Hope another quick hug, "Come visit. Okay? And let me know when you're around this time..." She starts off for the exit, raising a hand and waving to all, and to all a good night.