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Girl Talk
Submitted 15 November 2003 by Hope.
IC Date:   15 November 2003
Point of View:   Hope
Participants:   Hope, Joy, Rachel
Locale:   The Quad, Massachusettes Academy
Summary:   Hope and Joy gather in the Quad and Hope shares the secrets of her heart with her.

Hope sits on a bench, bundled up from the cold air, sketching in her book. She hums a corny old Disney tune as she goes and there's a wierd smile on her face. As usual, she's oblivious to the world around her as she creates her most recent work of art in the quickly fading light of the afternoon as it creeps into evening.

Rachel moves down the stairs and out of the Honors Dorm. She glances around for a moment before her eyes land on Hope. A little smile touches her face at the sight of the human. She turns and starts slowly towards the girl, her boots click as she moves along. She doesn't seem to notice the cold, though she's probably very well protected under that duster of hers.

As Joy approaches she can probably hear the soft little sigh as Hope holds the picture up and out to look it over and see if it needs any more finishing touches. From over her shoulder you can see that it is a picture done in colored charcoal like pencils of a young man with slightly mussed hair and a quirky grin. He wears a black pea coat and ratty old jeans with a snug fitting t-shirt underneath. Yep..she's drawing Connor again.

Rachel comes to a stop behind Hope and looks at the picture. She considers... she knows the boy... hrm. She decides to speak suddenly, "Who's the cutie?" She asks, smirking a little as she looks down to watch Hope's reaction.

Hope is caught off guard and jumps a little, dropping th epicture down quickly and covering it with her hand. A smile shy grin and a blush creeps upon her face. "'s just...just a friend." she says. Boy is she like the worst liar in the world or what? She scoots over and makes room for Joy, getting all her stuff out of the way.

Rachel laughs a little and says, "Sure... sure... are you two going out yet or is it just a fantasy still?" She moves over into the space that's been made for her. Her eyes glow ever so softly since the sun is nearing it's resting place.

Hope giggles a little and insists "/Just/ a friend." The girl grins up at Joy fromher bashful gaze down. She shrugs a little and uncovers the picture "But we are supposed to have dinner some time this week." Another giggle follows this and she leans in close to whisper conspiratorialy in Joy's ear "But he almost kissed me at the Halloween Ball."

Rachel watches Hope for a moment and looks down at the picture. She looks at Hope, it's very clear she wouldn't have minded if he had kissed her, so she says nothing for a second. "I see." She looks to Hope and asks, "How long have you known him?"

Hope shrugs a little and says "About...a month. I first ran into him when I went to New York at the begining of the semester and we've just kind of kept bumping into each other

Rachel nods a little and considers for a moment, "So who was the boy I saw you with the other night?" She leans backa little to listen to the response.

Hope tilts her head and thinks back a little confused at first. Then it dawns on her "Oh! You mean Robert. Oh I just met him that day. I nearly knocked him over coming out of the ethnic grocery." She laughs "He's nice...but I think he has a thing for Aunt Emma." She says with a grin.

Rachel chuckles a little and says, "Most people do." She looks at Hope again and says, "Well, tell me about your friend, whats his name? Where is he from? Should I be expecting wedding bells?" She smirks a little as she watches the girl.

Hope laughs and nudges Joy "Wedding bells? Heavens's way too soon for that!" she says with a laugh and turns closer to her best friend to confide in her and get into all the girly talk. "Well....his name is Connor and he's originally from Ireland but him and his brother Murphy live here in Boston. He's really very charming and sweet..oh and noble too. But I don't think he made the best first impression on Aunt Emma, or Robert either for that matter." she says with a small bit of a concerned frown.

Rachel smiles a little and waves a hand. "If it was ment to be, I'm sure Ms. Frost will get over it." She considers for a moment, then nods and waits to hear if there is more.

"Oh I don't want it to be like that..I mean...I'm sure he'll make a better impression on her the second time. I think there was a little tension between him and Robert and he wasn't at his best when she met him. " The shy country girl confesses.

Rachel smirks a little and says, "Mmm hmmm..." She doesn't say much outside that as she thinks to herself. "Where did you meet him?" She pauses for a moment, "And what has he done that was so noble?"

Hope seems a little more animated as she speaks, her smile simply radiant. "It was at the Museum in New York. " She laughs a little. "I'm afraid I wasn't very friendly to him at the time though, almost rude." Yeah and Hope's version of rude and not friendly is probably forgetting to say please and thank you. "But that's when ....well...when I was still having a lot of problems know...what had happened at that /other/ place." She sighs a little and looks over JOy "He...well you can't tell Aunt Ema cause I don't want her to get upset or worried. "

Rachel smiles a little and says, "Not a word of what you tell me shall leave my lips in her vicinity, my dear." She smiles a little as she watches Hope, picking her words very carefully of course.

Hope hasn't a clue as to her godmother's abilities so she doesn't give Joy's words a passing thought. "Okay cause I don't want her getting upset just cause I did something stupid. She's been so good to me I don't want her to worry. " Taking a deep breath she goes on "When I was in New York, the second trip... I couldn't sleep and I didn't want to bother poor Sven at 3 o clock in the morning and make him take me out so I went for a walk. I ended up in a not so good part of town. I was remembering things and I followed my footsteps to this abandoned warehouse. What I didn't know is that a mugger had followed me but before the mugger could do anything Connor was there and knocked the guy out. He saved me." she sauys with another one of those shy smiles. Uh oh...looks like someone just got put up on that white horse with the shining armor.

Rachel looks at Hope for a long moment. She then looks away, avoiding the girl's eyes while she plays this in her head. Finally, she looks back at Hope. "I see, and just what prompted you to walk around New York city alone? You do know that if you had gotten out with a mugging it's lucky." She shakes her head, "It sounds like you were just a little luckier than most though."

Hope hadn't even thought of anything worse than mugging. Her brain just doesn't think that way. She blinks as what Joy says sinks in. "Oh.." she says softly as she imagines what Joy is talking about. "I told you..I just couldn't sleep. So I went for a walk. Heck I figured most everyone would be asleep."

Rachel shakes her head a little and reaches out to run her fingers through Hope's hair for a moment, "Not there... night you get gangs, rapists, serial killers... I don't recommend any human go out alone." She sighs a little and says, "I am glad you were not injured."

Hope smiles to her friend and nods "Sammy already gave me a good talkin to about it. Made me promise to not do it again. But I hate being a bother to other folks." She rests her head on Joy's shoulder. "I hate being so...helpless. I wish I could be strong and all like you ...or heck even like Aunt Emma. Heck..she could send someone runnin with thier tails tucked between thier legs with just a look." she says with a chuckle.

Rachel nods a little. A look and a thought. She sighs and says, "You shouldn't worry so much about putting someone else out, I'm sure they'd much rather be woken up than have you out on the streets alone at night."

Hope nods her head and watches the last rays of light slip from the skyline. "Yeah I know. Sometimes I just don't think I guess. It's why I don't want to tell aunt Emma. I mean...can you just imagine how upset and worried she would be. Not to mention poor Sven would probably get in trouble and it's not even his fault."

Rachel nods a little but says nothing as she thinks again. She looks to Hope and says, "Yeah well... I don't wanna hear about you doing something like that again." She doesn't seem to care that Hope promised Sam, it means more to her going her way.

Hope laughs and raises her head a little to look at Joy before wrapping her arms around her and giving her a big hug. Lord Hope is so girly. "You won't....I'll do my very best. Scouts honor." she says holding up her fingers in the Girl Scout salute.

Rachel smiles a little, she returns the hug and then nods, "Alright... I love you kiddo, I'd hate to see you get hurt is all..."

"You know...this is nice. It's like having a big sister. I've never had one of those. Brothers sure...but never a sister." Hope says and pulls her coat around her a little more as the air turns even cooler in the night air. "So what have you been up to?"

Rachel smiles a little and shrugs, "Not much, training, school, work, and taking care of Xia pretty much take care of my schedule."

Hope raises her eyebrows "'ve been busy. Say...I was thinking of asking Aunt Emma if maybe for the holidays we could have a school dance. I was thinking about a 50's Sock Hop theme or something...You know just to break the stress of midterms and all."

Rachel raises an eyebrow, "Well... you can ask." She wont be there unless she has to though... She looks at Hope for a moment, considering the girl. It would seem she isn't one who normally talks to people like this as she's been pretty quiet through-out the conversation.

Hope grins and links arms with Joy. "It could be so fun. The girls could wear the poodle skirts and saddle shoes and the boys all dressed up like the Thunderbirds from Grease and all. You would look so good dressed up like RIzzo." she says with a giggle.

Rachel chuckles a little, shaking her head a little, "I don't know hon... I don't even have anything along those lines..." She considers, "Though, I guess that does mean I get to go shopping..."

Hope nods enthusastically and grins "Exactly. So I'm thinking...girl's day out.. Shopping, hot cocoa, gossip. It'd be fun." Apparently any reservations that Joy has about this kind of interaction with people isn't noticed by Hope. She's got enough perkiness for both of them.

Rachel raises an eyebrow as she watches Hope. "Well..." She looks around for a moment, "I guess if it'll make you happy..." She looks at Hope, waiting to see if it really is what she wants.

Hope tilts her head and grins "Are you kidding? I'd be estatic. " Yep there's no ulterior motives or underlying meanings with this girl. She's as straight forward and straight laced as they come.

Rachel smiles a little and says, "Okay... I'll do it for you." She leans backa little and says, "Are you cold? We can go inside if you want..." She watches the girl curiously.

Hope nods "Yeah it's getting a little chilly. Let's head in" She stands and gathers her things, waiting for Joy to stand as well before linking arms with her and starts walking toward the school. "Well, I'm glad you'll do it for me but I think you might just have a good time too. " She winks to the other girl.

Rachel smirks a little, she stands up and accepts Hope's arm with no thought of fighting it before she starts to move after the girl, "Maybe, as long as everyone can behave themselves."