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First Impressions, Part III
Submitted 13 November 2003 by Hope.
IC Date:   13 November 2003
Point of View:   Hope
Participants:   Cannonball, Connor, Emma Frost, Hope, Joy, Rachel, Rob
Locale:   South End, Boston
Summary:   First Impressions are more important than people think.

Continued from Part II.

Hope's attention is now drawn up to Joy as she approaches. "Hey! Pull up a chair." Wow...all these people in one day. Things are just peachy to her. She smiles so brightly it's like she's beaming. Oh does she have things to tell Joy! Whooo girl talk session coming up

Sam pulkls a chair our and nods to Rob, and then Rachel, and lastly to the Queen. "Hello Emma." He says is an actual civil toung, no underlying coldness. HE says "I hope I am noot bothering ya'll

"Were it a bother, I would have undoubtably said so." The Queen glances up to Joy, and offers a gentle nod of greeting. Yes, of course - her student is undoubtably invited. Now, whether or not Joy decides to sit next to Rob and across from Emma, or across from Sam next to Rob, is left to be seen. Sucks, doesn't it? :)

Rachel moves to sit across from Emma. She wont bite... yet anyways. She does let her fangs slip out of her mouth as she moves to be seated. Smiling pleasently and trying her best to keep up apperances. The moment she sits, she crosses her legs and looks at the face across from her for a moment, then to Hope, "Thanks kiddo, someone decide to have a party and forget my invitation?"

"I call it fortuitous." Hope says. Looks like someone has been studying thier vocabulary "I came here to return a jacket to..." she smiles shyly, a pink tint creeping to her cheeks "..a friend...and met Robert on the way, then Aunt Emma showed up then Sam now you....It's just my lucky day I think." she says to Joy.

Sam 's brow raises at the pinkening of his cousin's cheek "To someone?" HE asks a bit teaseingly, and looks over at the menu one of the waitreesses hands him.

Emma simply takes a sip of her wine while the 'meeting' gets underway. This is where the sophisticate finds her shortcoming, when dealing with the general populace. The Queen looks at Rachel thoughtfully, and sends off a little inquiry.

Rachel watches Emma curiously, she reaches to take off her hat and duster, setting them both aside she leans back for a moment, though still sitting relativley straight... to the center gradient of the world's natural... okay, she's slouching a little. She catches herself, however and sits up. She rather suddenly says, "He's an ego-" She realizes she's falling silent, and the little pink on Hope's cheeks is mimiced by her own. Oops. She clears her throat and asks, "What looks good?"

Rob has been quiet for a while, lost in his own thoughts...but at Rachel's little slip, he can't help but grin. It was funny, can you blame him. He shakes his head and continues to listen to them, taking in thier scents.

Hope kicks Sam playfully under the table. Not enough to hurt but enough to get his attention and widens her eyes even as she smiles bigger, blushing even more. "A -friend- I said." Joy earns an odd glance from Hope at the strange outburst and she tilts her head inquizatively

Sam smirks a bit at the kick, and says "Oh course Hoho." HE grins a bit more at Rachel's little outburst, pretty sure he knows what that was, as he has made the mistake in the past, with someoen else." He look to Emma, and says "Oh I was wondering, is the dance going to happen between the schools still, I was thinking of the last one I was at simmular."

Something strikes Emma as amusing, and suddenly. The woman glances across to Joy, smirk being cleverly and conveniently hidden behind an uplifted wine flute. Sam is given a questioning gaze over the rim of the snifter. This is the first she's heard of a dance. Perhaps Scott has something up his sleeve.

Rachel smiles a little and inclines her head. She then looks towards Hope, just kind of jumping into the conversation she says, "Oh? Who is this friend and when do I get to meet them?" She grins rather... mischeviously, but is behaving! Thats important.. yes?

Rob listens to the group silently, but he does catch a familiar scent from Sam that he apparently missed earlier. This brings a big grin to his face but he doesn't care to enlighten anyone. He's happy just listening to people and feeling like part of something.

Hope blushes a little more at Sam and pays attention to her napkin. Ah intruiging the napkin. Creased and folded and stuff. She looks up quickly at Joy and smiles "Connor...He was here not long ago. Aunt Emma got to meet him." She covers her mouth as a giggle escapes.

Sam looks to Hope, and says "Connor, huh, interesting name?" HE smiles a bit and says "So, when do I get to meet him, I know IF I don't meet him, and check him out UNcle Mike, would kick mah arse." He smiles a bit to Hope, showing Her he is atleast partially kidding.

The Queen skims her eyes across Joy, looking a little less chipper. The tender comes by again to refill her flute, while her attention skips over to Robert. "I will be more than glad to pick up the tab for the table, sir. It seems more family has crawled out of the woodwork."

Rachel listens quietly to the conversation. She raises an eyebrow at Emma and then to Rob, though it's more of a 'whats wrong with you' by the time it reaches him. She then looks back to the Queen, smiling just for a moment before her attention turns to Hope and Sam.

Rob shakes his head as he looks at Emma, "No m'lady...I am a man of my word. The night is on me." He smiles at her then turns to look at Joy, locking gazes. He blinks slowly for a moment till the both look away, she at Emma, he at space...his thoughts are just sort of skimming along right now.

Hope giggles at both Sam and Joy. "He's just a friend. Really." But there's that blush..hrmmm. She glances over to Rob and Emma and grins. "But if you want to know more about him you could always ask them. They got to meet him."

Sam hmms, and nods his head to this, as he scratches his chin a bit at this, and says "Interesting." He orders a burger and fries, for his meal, and says "Ah wager oif he is good enough for ya to choose Hoho, he is a good fellow."

Emma entertains a thought while lifting her snifter for another sip, her eyes inadvertantly finding Joy again. A little smirk appears.

Rachel smiles for a moment, but then it vanishes and she shivers a little, shaking her head as if to clear it. She looks around the room quickly, then smiles slowly again. She asks in her Texan accent, "So whats Hope's friend like, Ms. Frost??"

Rob has his own opinion of Connor...but he'll keep it to himself, he wasn't asked...and his observation wouldn't be to kind. So he turns to look at Emma, curious of her impression of that guy.

Hope grins at Sam "He is a good person." She tilts her head a little and considers. "A little different but...he's Irish." she says as if /that/ clears it all up. Heh... She shrugs and grins, trying to keep her head tilted down a little to hide her facial expression . "Besides...he's just a friend. That's all."

"Unpolished. Unsophisticated, and egotistical. Typical young male." People asked, Emma will make no bones about her first impression. "However, so long as Hope is pleased with him, and he does not harm her, I can have no quarrel." The Queen glances to Hope, a small grin forming upon her thin lips. "...A friend, mm? When even saying his name, dear, your cheeks take on the blush of health." It's also her job as Godmother to tease the girl once in a while.

Rachel listens intently to the Queen's words. She nods a little and looks towards Hope, smirking as she does. She then glances down at her watch. She does not look happy with what she finds there. "I'm afraid I have an arrangement I have to get to..." She reaches for her things before standing, "I apologize for leaving in such haste, I hope to see you all in the near future." She then turns... and starts towards the door.

Sam nods to Emma's words a bit and says "True, he starts acting in an inproper ay, I will jHave to call Liam, Andy, and Josh to come up for a visit."

Rob a smile spreads across his lips, not one of his painted smiles...a genuine smile. He agrees totally with the queen and would voice his opinion if asked. Makes another comment like he did earler, he'll make sure to cut him into little bits for the cats he eats...yum yum.

Sam 's brow raises as he looks over to Hope "Saved you?" HE asks with concern.

He eats cats!! Eeep! Don't tell Hope that! She turns pink even to the tips of her ears as Emma joins in the teasing..."He's not..really." she laughs a little still staring down at her napkin shyly. "He's just a friend...He's ..charming." she says before biting her bottom lip. Okay this is where things could get a little uncomfortable. As Emma excuses herself to go to the Lady's room she says "He already has saved me. Once.""

Rob turns his attention to Hope now, an eyebrow raising. He'd voice the same thing Sam did, if Sam hadn't already. "What do you mean save you?" His smile is gone, his face more...feral looking now. It just has the predatory look on it.

Hope nods and keeps looking at her napkin. "Ya have to promise ya won't get mad at me Sammy." She does look up now and over to the place where the lady's room is before look back at Sam and Rob. "And that you won't tell Aunt Emma. I don't want her gettin all upset or stressed out over me. Okay?"

Sam looks to Hope, and moves to take her hnds. He looks truely concerned, and says "Tell me what happened Hope." HE doesn't say he is promising, but he looks at her, a worried look oin his face.

Rob turns in his chair now to face her, he blinks slowly at her not promising a damn thing till he hears what has to be said.

Hope gets a little uncomfortable in the sudden scrutiny. "Well when I first went back to New myself. There were nights that I couldn't sleep. I was trying to get back some memories and see if being in places I used to go would do that. Well....." She chews her bottom lip a little looking down. "When I went out one it was morning actually..after midnight." she confesses. "I was drawn to this warehouse..and I started remembering things...about a werew...." She cuts that word off /REAL/ quick. She doesn't need people thinking she's crazy after all. "about a person I used to know. Someone I helped nurse back to health...He had lived in the abandoned warehouse you see.." Yeah..makes total sense. "Well there was this man that followed me and...and I didn't know about it till it was too late and ...before I knew what was happening Connor was there and he tackled the guy." She doesn't say anymore about him pummeling the guy senseless.

Sam frownns more, and says "Hope hon, you get the urge to go out like that again, I want you to promise me,you will call me, you know I can get to ya relativly quick, and I will walk with you./"

Rob listens to her and actually seems a little sad, then she says half of the magic word, "Miss Hope...what did you remember? A what?" His gaze flashes gold for a moment, his smile is back but he's pondering now.

Hope nods to Sam "I know I know...That's why I wanted you to promise to not get mad. It's just...Sven, the driver had been escorting me around but I didn't want to wake him. You know. He shouldn't have his sleep interrupted just because I can't. " She looks over at Rob, just missing the flash of light in his eyes. "Jack...I remembered Jack..or at least bits and pieces..." she says carefully. Nope...she's not gonna say it that easily. But it's obvious from her rotten lying skills that there is more to that story. She tries to shift the focus again though. "So..Connor is a good guy. He even escorted me back to the club that I was staying at to make sure I'd get back alright and was a /total/ gentleman. Really."

Sam hmms, and says "Well you rember Ah am family and don;t worry about interupting mah sleep. You need an escort you call me, NEw York is alot more danger than where we grew up hoho."

Rob leans forward a little, resting an elbow on the table. He knows she's not saying the whole thing, she's knows that as well. He takes his vodka and takes a long drink, tilting his head at her, "Were what miss?" The look he gives her is nothing short of, tell me now...or i'll tickle you till you scream.

Hope smiles at Sam and nearly rolls her eyes "I know that Sammy...It's just...I hate to bug anyone. You know how independant I've always been." Rob's question makes her look over at him, "Were what what?" she says in a dizzying intellect. Uh looks like a who's on first kind of thing.

Sam takes her hand and gives it a reasureing squeeze and says "Yea, but gotta be safe hon."

Rob smiles, "You said that you started remembering something about a..." you can almost see the looney tune sign saying fill in blank.

Hope shifts a little in her seat. "I know" she says with a good deal of a pout to Sam. She flicks her eyes over to Rob and tries to look innocent as she says "...a person that I helped out back then..." she responds. She tries to keep it cool.

Sam looks between the two, and says "She said it was in a ware house, id that what your thinking about?"

Rob snorts but smiles, "No...but I do know what she is talking about...even if she is neglecting a key point in the story."

Hope looks up, her expression frustrated and a little pleadingly. "No..I'm..." she begins to protest. "You'd just think I was crazy anyway." she mumbles as she looks down at her lap and twines her fingers.

Sam says "I'd never think tht hon"

Rob leans forward now on both arms, "Try us." He grins, lets see if she can say it.

Hope sighs and relents. She's never been good under peer pressure. "Do you believe werewolves?" she asks timidly, looking from one man to the next to gauge thier reactions.

Sam hmms, and says "Well many things are possible hon.

Rob smiles now, showing teeth this time. He catches her eye one of those times and nods his head, "Oh yes. Werewolves are an interest of mine." He turns his head a little to grab his drink, and his eyes flash gold again in the light as he looks back at her, "What do you know of them."

Hope blinks a little as she sees the golden flash this time. Surely she didn't just see that. Her eyes follow Sam as he excuses himself to take a call on her cell phone. She looks back at Rob and shrugs..." I don't know...I ..I don't remember a lot about it. He...he was one..and I think...I think I loved him..him and Arm...Amadeo. It was strange but I think I think that it's what saved my life...I don't know what from but..I did something to him...Something to make him go away.. I don't remember what though." She seems very frustrated by all this. Like a dream you can't quiet remember except bits and pieces of it.

Rob nods his head, "Don't trouble yourself over it Hope. It will come back to you in time, the more you search for your memories, the longer it will take. They will return, don't worry." He smiles at her warmly, "As for him being a werewolf? I don't know, but I assure you they are real."

"I..I was told...and I remember...he..he was." Hope says, thinking he doesn't believe her. In her frustration she blurts out "I was in love with a werewolf and a vampire. " Realing her blurt she coves her mouth, eyes wide and she looks down at her napkin again.

Rob reaches over slowly, hesitently, lifting her chin so she can look at him, "I believe you Hope...don't doubt that. If you were in love, I am happy for least you have known love from family and loved ones. I have not. So I envy you, whether you loved a vampire or a werewolf.

Hope frowns a little and looks away to the side. "Fat lot of good it does me to know about it though and not know why...I mean, how can you forget something like that?" She says still sounding frustrated but not angry about it. She shrugs and turns her head to get it out of his hand "Besides...he took off...because of something I did...I don't know exactly what but..I can feel it..sometimes...sometimes I get glimpses....flashes of what happened but then it's gone. Like a dream you can't quite remember."

Rob smiles and withdraws his hand. "I understand." He seems a little sad for a second, "Do you remember anything about the glimpses? Maybe I can help you understand them. If he was a werewolf I can at least." He watches her silently now, not really sure what he should do...human customs are hard to master.

Hope looks over at Rob and tilts her head. He really does seem to believe her and not just patronizing her. "I...I'm not sure..there's flashes of chains and a feeling of pain. ...howls...but it's like's like I'm watching it happen...but out of my own eyes."

Rob ponders. "The chains...were the shiny? Reflective maybe?" If they were silver...yeah, it would drive him off to...silver hurts.

Hope shakes her head "No..they wer think and sturdy and...and I think I tried to hurt him" she says, eyes closing as she tries to remember. Her voice seems a little shocked as she says it. "Like physically hurt him"

Rob tilts his head, "How? Fists? Weapon? Words?" He doesn't really know, he's trying at least.

Hope looks troubled "I don't know...I..I can't remember. I said was like watching someone else do it...but through my eyes. Like it was me doing it but not me....I ...I think..." She closes her eyes and shudders. "I think there were knives..and whips involved...I remember seeig those things laying around." Oh this so does not make her sound good.

Rob shakes his head, "Relax Hope...lets forget about this for now. I see how uncomfortable it makes you and I don't want you upset. Another time when your Godmother is around for support yes?"

Hope shakes her head, her eyes widening. "I don't want her getting upset. If she found out that I was out alone..." she cringes "And poor Sven...I don't wan thim to get in trouble. It's not his fault. He was asleep."

Rob nods, "Very well then...she will not hear about from my lips, I promise...but, it would be better if you told her you know. If you fess up to what you did, she might not be as if she found out somehow." The topic of the werewolf forgotten for now.

Hope nods and sighs "I know..I just...She's been so good to me. I don't want to ever cause her distress or worry. She deserves to be happy and content. I don't want to worry her cause I'm silly sometimes." It really does seem like more of a heartfelt concern for Emma than a fear of reproach from the woman.

Rob laughs now, a natural laugh. "Hope...she cares for you more than you know. She will worry about you no matter what, exspecially when you are out of her sight. As she said, as long as you are happy...she is happy. But telling her would be the best course of action, I feel this to my core."

Hope pouts a little. Not an affected thing that is done intentionally but a natural reaction. She knows he's right but the thought of making things difficult or unsavory for Aunt Emma plague her. "It's just...because of my stupid thing I could have been worse if Connor hadn't shown up when he did. But it turned out okay. That still won't matter though. Sam's right. I shouldn't have went into that part of town alone. It was stupid of me."

Rob chuckles softly, "My dear Hope...the one thing I've learned during my life...stupidity is what makes us human. Without making stupid choices, we cannot learn from our mistakes. Without stupid acts, we cannot look back and laugh." He smiles at her, "You might have made a mistake, but think about it now...would you go into that part of town alone again?"

Hope grins slightly. "Maybe...I've been known for my getting lost. I could wander in there again and not know it. Boston is much easier ot navigate." She replies. She chews her bottom lip a little and looks over at Rob. "You know a lot about werewolves right? Um...if they...are they like know the whole mate for life thing?"

Rob smiles a little less, but it's still there. He sighs deeply, "It depends on the werewolf I suppose. Depending on how close they live to thier feral side...perhaps. A wolf will mate for life in solitary conditions. In a pack, the Alpha male will mate with all the females to strengthen and expand the pack. I suppose it would depend on if the werewolf was in love with the subject...I know I don't intend to mate for life." Oops.

Hope is kind of on the slow side and doesn't immediately catch that last bit and register it. Her face does fall a little at the words. "And if they were? In love I mean. I...I mean..would they seek them out? Come back? " Does she seem a little scared at that thought? Oh yeah. If you thought you'd pissed off some werwolf and they might be coming after you you'd be a little scared too. Slowly the light dawns on her and she looks over at Rob. "Wait a"

Rob holds a finger to his lips to make her relax for a moment and not say anything. "We are what we are born to. I am still the same person you knew before. Does knowing my deepest secret affect what friendship we had? If so, I can leave and not look back. I can say though...that if he does come back...he won't find you unguarded, regardless of whether or not we are friends. I will not see another of my kind attack innocents."

Hope shakes her head slowly, still seeming a little confused. How does she manage to draw all the different being to her? Vampires, Werewolves, Mutants. Next thing she knows Connor is gonna end up being an alien. She blinks to arrange her thoguhts. " change? But only like on full moons right?" She asks, not seeming scared of him but confused. You'd think she'd have noticed.

Rob grins a little, "I change yes...perhaps I'll show you sometime. But the full moon? No...I am not affected by the lunar cycle. I change when I want and how I want. I will be glad to answer questions about my state...but in a slightly less public place, if that is ok." He looks around at the patrons.

Hope nods and realizes that she is indeed in public. Hope has such a tendancy to block those things out when she gets engrossed in things. "Oh...I'm sorry...I didn't mean to..." she stutters a little

Rob chuckles, "Do not worry Hope, no harm done. Just promise me, what I tell you doesn't go between the two of us? Well...three, if you count your Godmother...but I would appreciate it if it didn't go further?" Only reason Emma is included to help her maybe trust Rob.

Hope nods slowly and bites her lip. "I can do that. Emma..she has this knack of knowing what I'm thinking sometimes before I even do. It's downright eerie sometimes."