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First Impressions, Part II
Submitted 13 November 2003 by Hope.
IC Date:   13 November 2003
Point of View:   Hope
Participants:   Cannonball, Connor, Emma Frost, Hope, Joy, Rachel, Rob
Locale:   South End, Boston
Summary:   First Impressions are more important than people think.

Continued from Part I.

Rob growls softly, he really doesn't like immature men...and people wonder why men are pigs. Rob's drink is delivered and he smiles at Hope's hand, "Whether or not he meant it miss, is not the should not have been said." He takes his drink and takes a small sip, closing his eyes as he lets the burning liquid slide down his throat. He pats her hand for a moment then looks at her with a smile, "It depends on what we are talking about. Where I was born? I'm not sure earliest memory is of being in a room alone. I was told by my...keeper, that my parents were dead. So I'm not sure where I came from, or where I was born." He says it so straight faced to.

Hope bites her bottom lip slightly, not saying any more on the subject. She doesn't want things to get more awkward between the men. Thus she tries to focus on keeping the subject changed. She picks up her cocoa again and blows across the top of it as she listens to him. A soft look comes into her eyes as she says quietly, her voice full of sympathy but not sounding patronizing oddly enough. "You were an orphan. I'm so sorry to hear that. But surely there had to be a relative somewhere? An aunt? An uncle? Distant cousin?"

Thus, enter the Queen. Hope had been panned out from some distance away, just so Emma could keep an eye on the young woman as so promised to the Princess's parents. She paused right outside the pub with a perfectly arched brow, though her lips set to reflect her typical marked indifference, producing a ponderous expression upon her stately visage. Emma Frost is well known in Boston. Her family, her disunion, and her success to spite the established Frosts are whispers among the town. The White Queen of the Hellfire club passes through the threshold of the Pub proper, and her mind reaches out to scan for one singular conciousness; it's found as quickly as a Hellfire missile finds an errant target. Shoving her hands in her pockets, the Queen so chooses to observe the trio from a safe distance, while mentally tapping the tender into being her listening device.

Connor places his hand on Hope's back "I'm going to take off before things get a bit crazy alright love? Give me a call one of these days and we'll go out for dinner." He's not in the mood to get in a fight with somebody that doesn't even know them. "Thanks for bringing the jacket out" He proceeds to stand and pull the coat over his shoulders.

Rob shrugs a little, "No Miss, my family is dead and gone...I honor them with living for what I can, nothing more. I thank my mother for bringing me into the world, and I thank my father for helping in that task...but other than that, I know nothing more." He sighs and takes another drink, more a gulp. He is silent for a long moment, "You do not have to leave on my account Connor. I am just saying, mind your manners and we'll get along fine." He turns and looks at him, but a new scent catches his nose. He had been familiar with the scents, but this one is...fresh. He turns a little, searching for the new scent.

Hope listens to Rob's story with an expression of sorrow on her face. Good thing he's not a stray dog or she'd likely be taking him home to feed him. "That's so beautiful. And sad. I couldn't imagine life without my family." She looks up at the feel of Connor's hand on her back. "You're leaving?" she says looking more than a bit disappointed. She does tend to wear her feelings out where everyone can tell. One of the reason's she's so rotten at telling lies and bad at poker. "So soon?" she says pausing a bit. "Oh .....well, I suppose dinner would be nice..Be sure to tell your brother I said hello and I hope to get the pleasure of meeting him one day." Ah well, at least she utterly polite even when disappointed.

Rob's gaze is met with slightly narrowed, arctic blue eyes. The Queen says not a word in her observation or defense, but one thing Rob's keen senses will pick out is the perfume is quite pricey.

Connor smiles and kisses her forehead "So I'll see you in a day or two then?" He gazes back at Rob and gives him a slight nod in recognition, neither approving or otherwise. His eyes then go back to Hope once more "Take care ok?"

Rob gives the new arrival a slow once over, his smile returning to his lips. He bows his head a little to the lady, then turns back around to his drink. He has no clue who she is, so he'll let the other two say goodbye and he'll drink his nice vodka.

Hope sighs slightly and nods, crestfallen. She watches as Connor goes to leave and spies........Emma! Her face brightening visibly from the sad, disappointment she hops off the bar stool, nearly tipping over her hot cocoa as she does but manages to set it to rights before rushing over to her. "Connor!" she says loudly enough to (hopefully) catch him before he heads out the door. She looks back to Emma and hugs the Queen. "Oh I'm so glad to see you! I wanted you to meet Connor." She leans in a whispers to Emma a little.

You whisper "That's the boy from the park I was telling you about." to Emma.

The little Princess is scooped up into waiting arms, the faint scowl being replaced by a much warmer, friendlier near-smile. Hope is drawn close; as the girl gives a little information, Emma's gaze lances across the tavern to land upon dear Connor's back. Feel the icy daggers?

Connor stops and turns towards Hope again, walking back towards her "Aye, what is it?" He looks over to the figure next to Hope with a smile, one that's hard to crush.

Rob listens to them talk as he drinks. When he finishes his Vodka, he turns around to watch the three as he leans back against the counter top. The scents change slightly and he smiles more...he already likes whoever the woman is.

Hope beanms brightly in Emma's arms. Wow...they even resemble one another. She looks over at Connor and gestures to Emma. "This is my Aunt Emma. She's my godmother. Aunt Emma...this is Connor." She points at Rob across the way. "And that's Robert. I just met him after going to the grocery. I wanted to try one of the recipes in the Greek cookbook I found in the kitchen." Godmother? Italian or mafia? Heh.

The Queen is much more skeptical. It's her job to be the Princess's primary defender since there's no knight about to do it, isn't it? Emma's gaze flicks from one to the other as each man is introduced, though the little warmth initially shown freezes instantly. Stormy, wintery azure eyes study each man in turn, though Hope's wants do not go unnoticed. "I'd no idea you were interested in Greek foods, dear," the Queen replies cordially to Ms.Winters. Finally, her right hand lifts and extends toward Connor. "A pleasure, Connor. I've heard... _much_ ...about you."

Connor smiles warmly and gently shakes her hand "Pleasure's mine ma'am. I've heard a fair share about you myself. Hope really thinks highly of you." The smile never leaves his lips, even through the icy gaze.

Rob shakes his head, if only the guy could smell what he smells...he might want to show some deference. As for when Emma looks at him, he mearly bows his head and keeps his gaze lowered. Delta to Alpha..gotta love wolf speak.

All is right in her world now. Hope looks from one to the other. Blushing a little and uses her avoidance tactic once again to defuse the pink that tries to creep into her cheeks. "I...I just thought I might try my hand at it. It sounded good. I thought we could have it for dinner." A small self effacing chuckle preceeds the next comment. "That is if it turns out edible." She waves Rob over to where they stand as her gaze follows Emma's.

Rob is a very wise man, and likely to receive more consideration than Connor's directness when it comes to any quick judgements. The Queen returns her gaze to Connor, and her hand retracts to settle across Hope's shoulders in reassurance. "I am certain it will turn out wonderful, Hope," the woman replies with luke-warm affection. Hope is thankfully used to Emma's public face of indifference. She knows better. And to Connor, the Queen is a little more direct. "They're likely exaggerations." Mark her words, she's far from kind to the people on her list. And it's a very, very long list.

Connor smiles and turns back to Hope "Well I still do need to get going Hope, sorry to run so early on you hun but I've got to be to the docks by 6 in the morning." He smiles to Emma again "It was great to meet you Ma'am."

Rob doesn't really want to move, but he finally stands up and moves his way over to them slowly, in no hurry to get under those eyes again, but at least he's coming over.

Hope smiles warmly to her godmother and shakes her head "Not at all." She looks to Connor to explain a little "She's just so modest. Don't pay any attention. She's the most wonderful person I know." Hero worship much? Yeah...a little. But she's known nothing but kindness and warmth from the snowy Queen. She nods to Connor and flashes a shy smile. "Oh...I'm sorry to keep you waiting so long. I had no idea." she appologizes quickly. "I'll see you soon?" she half asks.

To those who know the Queen differently, however, it's a different tale. "The pleasure was mine," Emma replies in accordance to protocol, though whether she actually meant it or not is left to question. "Good evening." Frost directs her gaze down to the younger Hope, then across to the approaching Rob. The glare has been removed - he knows his place, so there's no need for the pecking order.

Connor gives her forehead a quick kiss and smiles "Of course, just give me a call when you're free. I'll talk to you then. Bye Ladies" His head bows slightly as he heads out the door.

Rob turns his attention to Connor as he leaves, his upper lip quivers slightly...he almost growls, but he holds off. Turning his attention back to the women, he bows his head, "Good evening Miss Emma."

Hope's eyes follow Connor out and she sighs a little as she watches the door swing closed. The others may not see it but Hope has a gift for seeing the real person inside that others don't. Thier light if you will. She looks up as Rob approaches and then to Emma. "Robert was just telling us about his childhood. " she says to Emma like it's the most normal thing in the world. Of course Hope asked for it.

The Queen takes to Robert a little more kindly than Connor, her hand being offered nearly immediately to the more gentlemany type. "Good evening, sir. A pleasure." This one is definitely meant. "Shall we be seated?"

Rob accepts her hand timidly almost, he bends down and places a small kiss on her lovely flesh. When he stands back up, he's blushing, "M' honor me." He gestures at a nearbye table, "If you would allow me to pick up whatever we order?"

Hope looks over at an open table and starts to move over that way, holding Emma's hand as she moves. She glances at the bar and remembers something. " two go ahead..I need to get the groceries over there and my coat real quick. She lets go of the hand and makes her bouncy stepped way over to the bar. After a moment of considering she looks at the 'tender and asks. "If it wouldn't be too much of a bother sir, could you keeps these back behind the bar?"

If the man refuses, he'll have one hell of a headache. "That is very kind of you, Robert," Emma laudes in her own little way, even as she gives Hope a little nod. She ventures forward to the aforementioned table, and expects what one would of any man of decent upbringing to do: pull the chairs for the ladies.

For something that I know I'm going to get for, but it fits...She read his mind. He pulls out one chair for Emma first since Hope is over at the counter. Once Emma is seated, he pushes the chair forward for her. Then he moves to the chair to Emma's right, and pulls the chair out for Hope when she returns repeating the process of pushing her in before he seats himself.

Hope smiles as the bartender nods and begins taking the things. "Oh thank you so much sir" she says to him. The old man has been in this town all his life. He knows the names and faces of the players and he's not about to cross Emma Frost. Seeing how the girl is with her...well..he complies. Hope makes her way over to the table and smiles with a nod to Rob as he plays the gentleman. "Thank you." she says as she unfolds her napkin and smoothes it over her lap.

Much better, and much more than she could have expected from Connor. That man showed no finesse or tact period. Thusly, Emma has formed a favorite for the time being, and that weighs a lot. The Queen tritely lifts a menu to examine its contents, allowing Hope and Robert to take the conversation away. She's merely an accessory.

Rob smiles at Hope, "It is quite alright, I told you I would play the gentleman tonight, even if I really am one." He winks at her and picks up a menu, glancing over it for the time being.

Hope nods and grins "That you did." She glances at the menu but she knows what she wants already. Nummy steak and potatos. Resting her hands in her lap she looks from Rob to Emma. "Robert was telling me that he hadn't any family but I never got the rest of the tale. Are you from Boston Robert?" Hope obviously intends to include Emma. After all, the night just wouldn't be complete without it.

The Queen glances up over the top of the menu toward Hope, then back to Robert. Ah, someone who's made something of himself from nothing. Sounds like someone she knows. At length, Emma turns her attention back across the entrees, more than happy to be the listener.

Rob knows what he wants from the menu as well. Beef ribs...meat and bone...lovely combination. He turns to Hope and shakes his head, "No Miss, I'm not...I just came up here for a day trip really. I'm living in the Bronx with a friend for now...or wherever I happen to collapse at." He smiles and sets his menu down. He looks at Emma for a moment, blushes then looks back to Hope. "So you two ladies are godchild and godmother?"

Hope beams towards Emma and nods "Yes..... I..I had an unfortunate incident and Aunt Emma took me under her wing. It was the worst time of my life but....the best thing came out of it. " She looks over at Emma, her face nearly radiant as she looks upon the face of her godmother.

The Queen offers only a silent nod, but the small look of indifference vanishes, to be replaced by a warmer, near smile. "Indeed." Having selected, a waitress or waiter had best make their way to this table in particular, or suffer the consequences. The menu is folded an lain aside.

Rachel moves in through the doors of the pub. Her boots click lightly on the floor as she goes. Her hands swing easily at her sides as she starts towards the bar. Yep, straight to it. She sits down and says, "Scotch on the rocks." She waits as the bartender moves away, using the time to scan the room for a moment. She almost jumps when she notices Emma and Hope and Rob, but... doesn't.

Rob smiles at Hope and Emma, "I'm glad that it worked out for you two ladies. It's nice to find someone like that." His smile sinks a little and he leans into his chair. He sniffs softly, catching a familiar scent, his eyes narrow slightly at nothing in particular, but he doesn't move...not yet.

Subtlty is soo not Hope's strong suit. She just seems to miss it most of the time. Clueless is the word that leaps to mind. "It sure is...she helped me find my own family too. See...I had something happen and I lost my memory stuff. But we do excercises and things and Aunt Emma is helping me to remember it little by little." She looks up as the waiter emerges as if out of nowhere. She looks to him and smiles. "I'll have the steak please. Medium rare with a backed potato."

Sam walks into the bar. HE looks about the place, as if he is looking for someoen. His eyes find Hope, and he grins a bit as he starts to head that way. He walks over, hands in his pockets.

Emma's gaze vaults from one speaker to the other, though mentally she has all ready detected the entry of one of her more interesting students, Joy. Well, Rachel. A little mental poke is thrown the student's way, as if to ascertain that Joy did indeed see them. In the meantime, the Queen asks for the surf and turf - this is Boston. Any place that doesn't have seafood on the menu needs to be burned down.

Sam walks into the bar. HE looks about the place, as if he is looking for someoen. His eyes find Hope, and he grins a bit as he starts to head that way. He walks over, hands in his pockets. (Repose)

Rob smiles at Hope, "Well...I'm glad that you are regaining your memories then, and that you have someone special like your godmother in your life." He turns and smiles at Emma before he orders, "Beef Ribs with sauce, and would you please bring me another Vodka with lime please?" He hands the menu to the person and catches another new scent...busy place this.

Hope nods affirmingly to Rob as he speaks. "Oh I'm thankful everyday for it." But as she looks form him she spies someone else. A huge smile comes over her and she stands, moving to behind Rob to grab her cousin and hug him tightly. "Sammy..hey...this is great. I get to have dinner with you and Aunt Emma. She gestures to the other person seated at thier table. "And you get to meet Robert. "

Sam walks over and Hugs Hope. "Hey hoho, ho are you hon?" HE asks, as he hugs her. HE grins a bit more, and says "I called the school, and they said you were out haveing dinner, so I thought I would come see if this was where."

Joy, rapture. More to this merry entourage. Emma flicks her gaze across to afford the attention of the tender, who quickly brings forth a snifter of wine to her hand. The queen remains quiet while reintroductions are given, as not to ruin the moment with her luke-warm demeanor.

Rachel takes a sip of her drink before setting it on the counter. "Here, I wont need the rest of this." She speaks in a very cool Texan accent. She then reaches into her pocket, pulling out a small wallet out of which she pulls a ten, "Keep the change." After this, she turns and starts towards the little gathering... all of people she's met.

Rob smiles a little, at least she has family. He sighs a little and ponders to himself as he waits for his food.

"Oh I'm fine." she says coyly to Sam followed by a giggle. "I didn't see you at the Halloween Ball. I was hoping you'd be there. I got to wear this fabulous Elvish Princess outfit. It was so pretty." She gestures to a seat across from her, beside Rob. "You wanna have dinner with us?"

Sam hmmms, a bit and says "I was there, but didn't see you, I was dressed like a super hero, but I got there late." He looks about to the others "Do you mind if I join you all?" HE looks to the othes.

Speaking of Rob, he seems to have afforded Emma's direct attention. Perhaps it was the sigh that drew her scrutiny. Perhaps they have more in common than originally surmised. As far as Sam is concerned, he's family, so is welcomed by default.

Rachel draws up to the table. The whole cowgirl look fully sported. She glances at the people gathered. Quite full... shame. She looks to each in turn, smiling a little at all of them... except Rob who gets a very... yeah, bad look. She looks at him the longest... at least, that is until her eyes land on the White Queen at which time her look softens noticably. "Well, fancy seeing y'all here." She says cheerily enough.

Rob feels that stare upon him from the queen, doing his best not to squirm. His face starts to burn a little, as for Joy? Pfft...he could care less, he doesn't even pay attention to her.

Concluded in Part III.