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  Roleplay Log

First Impressions, Part I
Submitted 13 November 2003 by Hope.
IC Date:   13 November 2003
Point of View:   Hope
Participants:   Cannonball, Connor, Emma Frost, Hope, Joy, Rachel, Rob
Locale:   South End, Boston
Summary:   First Impressions are more important than people think.

The most noticable thing about the lady before you is the honey-gold blonde curls that flow over her shoulders and back, almost to her waist. Layers around the face give way to stray tendrils that frame her face. Her somewhat almond shaped eyes are of the most brilliant green color and are framed by long light brown lashes and lightly arched sandy blonde eyebrows. Her nose is small and button like. Her lips are full and rose colored with a slight sheen of clear gloss. She stands at around 5'6 in shoes and has a slender build, similar to that of an ice skater.
Most of Hope's outfit is obscured today by the long powder blue coat that she wears. It falls to about her knees and is cut in a classic, Breakfast at Tiffany's style with long bell sleeves with slit cuffs, side seam pockets, large buttons down the front, and a tie around belt to make it a bit more form fitting. Angora gloves of the same powder blue cover her hands while a matching angora beret rests to the side on her head. A white ribbed shirt can be seen at the double breasted collar of the coat where it hangs open, the next being tall and folded over once. A thin gold chain holding a locket rests there over the shirt. Stylish calf length boots complete what can be seen of the outfit. Thier soft pale camel hued suede hugging to her leg and ending in a slightly pointed toe and 2 1/2 inch shaped heel. Leather straps circle multiple times around the ankle where it stops in a cute bow on the outside edge. If the coat were removed one would see that she also wears a pale camel tinted suede skirt that terminates just above her knees and a matching leather belt with a small, simple gold buckle.

He stands roughly 5'11. His eyes are a deep, rich chocolate brown with hair a few shades lighter then that of his eyes. His hair is ruffled as if he had just rolled out of bed. Three tattoos are drawn on his skin. On his neck lies a tattoo of the Virgin Mary, identical to one on his brother's neck. On his forearm lies a cross and across his hand, the word 'Veritas' latin for 'truth' is written.
He's wearing a pair of baggy jeans with a set of black leather work boots. Above that is a black semi-fitted t-shirt that shows the outline of his muscles. Over the shirt is a heavy pea-coat. A rosary hangs around his neck, dangling across his chest.

The light blond hair is the first thing that is quite noticable on this young man's body. It is short, but is well groomed as if it was professionally done. His green eyes give the impression of deep forest's natural luster. His smile is always soft and reserved for moments when he needs it. His 6ft form is well muscled, as if he worked out every day since he was young. His face is formed, almost as if carved from rock, but is always soft as he takes in every tiny detail.
He wears a white shirt over his chest today. It clings to his muscular body well. His pants are camo to the extreme, he seems to actually like the color scheme. His black combat boots match the outfit well, the end on his pants rolled inside them. He wears a small locket around his neck on a gold necklace. It mostly hides under his shirt, but the gold necklace is very evident.

Hope exits one of the ethnic grocery stores. She has it in mind to try to make a gourmet dinner for her and her Aunt Emma tonight using one of the cookbooks she'd found in the kitchen. Arms laden with brown paper bags, she walks down the street. This should be a good test of her cooking skills. Let's just hope it turns out okay. A soft tune is hummed as she walks and smiles are flashed to passer-bys as she goes.

Rob comes walking from the opposite way, his arms folded behind his back with his thumbs tucked in his back pockets. He's happy, he doesn't get to travel like that alot, and he knows he's going to be tired when he gets back home...he just hopes Vala isn't going to smack him again. He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, enjoying the scents and sounds that Boston offers. Not a bad place to stay actually.

Hope is looking at a particularly pretty flower arrangement in the window as she nears Rob, not noticing him as she walks and bumps directly into him, spilling her groceries in the process. "Oh my!" she exclaims, "I'm so sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going." Yep, the hopelessly clumsy Hope strikes again. If it were a mutant power, she'd be dangerous!

Rob blinks a little as he's bumped into. He smiles a little, "No, it was my fault miss...I should have been paying more attention." He bends down and starts to gather her spilt belongings. "Are you alright?" He looks up from his gathering but not stopping to look her over for a moment with a small smile.

Hope is down on bended knee, gathering her things, quickly. "Oh no really. You just don't know how often this happens to me." she says with a half chuckle before looking up at the person she mauled. "But it's nice of you to try to make me feel better about it." She drops the things in her hands into the bag and dusts off her hands. "I'm fine...really...But I think the tomatos might be a little worse for wear."

Rob places her things in her bag and chuckles softly, he looks at her with that smile that's painted on, "Really miss, I should have watched better...I don't normally let things like that happen, but this is my first time to this city, so forgive me." He stands up slowly, letting his knees pop and holding a hand down to help her up, "The tomatos will be alright, if not I'll buy you some more. Wash them off and hope they aren't flattened.

Hope stands and picks the bag up with her as she goes, the undisturbed bag still setting on the ground where she'd placed it as she accepts the hand up. "Thank you." she responds automatically but genuinely. She shakes his hand as she does. "My name is Hope. " She peeks in the bag and looks at the tomatos. "They might be a little bruised but I think they'll still work."

Rob smiles and bows his head a little, giving her a gentle shake, "Robert, pleasure to meet you Miss Hope. I don't get to meet many nice people, so this is an honor." He grins a little, "Tomato's will normally work unless they are leaking juices."

Hope chuckles and nods "Nice to meet you too Robert." She bands at the knees trying to figure a way to get both bags back into her hands, while keeping the black woolen coat that she carries in a plastic dry cleaning bag over her elbow. "Oh there's a lot of nice people in the world. just have to look deeper than the surface." She says honestly with an open smile.

Rob smiles and bends down, picking up the other bag for her. "I'll take care of this till you get where you are going. I don't have plans today, so I might as well play the role of a gentleman." He winks at her and chuckles softly, "I agree with you, but people tend to look on others with either fear or I don't put much stock in them. You on the other hand, I can sense you are alright."

Hope blushes a little at the wink and looks down shyly. "Oh you don't have to. Really. I was just on my way to meet a friend and return thier coat. We're meeting at the pub for lunch. You're welcome to join us though." She looks back up and smiles. Yep, she's just one of those outwardly friendly people that wears her heart on her sleeve for everyone. A bit naive at times but.... "Thank you..I think it's just the city living that does it. More people should live in the country. It's simpler there." She begins walking, having accepted the help graciously without mention of it or making a big deal of it.

Rob smiles, "It's just the way I am Miss. Just because I say I play the role, doesn't mean I'm not one." He chuckles, "If your friend does not mind a third, then I will join for a while. I don't wish to intrude on your good company." He follows after her with a smile, this should be interesting.

The party enters the Bull and Finch Pub.

Hope enters the pub, carrying a brown paper bag of groceries from the ethnic grocery store in one arm and a black woolen coat in a dry cleaners bag draped over her other arm. She hopes she isn't runnign too late as she looks around for Connor.

Rob follows shortly after Hope, carrying another brown bag. He's just tagging along for the moment as he sniffs softly entering the pub. More alcohol...wonderful.

Connor sits at a stool in the bar with his back to the entrance wearing a thin t-shirt. He's talking with the bartender as he takes a sip of his beer.

Hope waits for Rob to get through the door and begins walking in. Nope she doesn't notice the stares fromthe people that look oddly on the carrying in of groceries to the pub and resturant. She spots the boy in the t-shirt and moves over to where he sits. "Connor?" she says to make sure it's him.

Rob follows Hope, looking back at the people who stare. His smile slips a little as he can almost force people to look away...he's great to have in a barfight. He turns his attention back to the chap on the stool, his smile returning as he waits.

Connor smiles and turns his head "Hey, you made it." He moves over for her to sit down, then notices Rob following Hope. He extends a friendly hand "Hey, I'm Connor."

Hope smiles warmly to Connor, her cheeks and nose flushed a little with the chill in the air outside. "Please don't tell me you came here without a jacket at all. You must have frozen to death." she scolds slightly. "You really should have kept the coat. But here it is. I had it dry cleaned for you." She chuckles a little nervously as she takes a seat and sets the grocery bag down on the bartop. "I didn't think you'd want to go around smelling like a girl." She looks over ar Rob and then to Connor. "Oh where are my manners. This is Robert..we ah..well we ran into each other after I went to the grocery store." She smiles a little sheepishly "Literally. I nearly knocked the poor thing over, not paying attention. Robert...this is my friend Connor."

Rob holds out his hand and gives Connor's a friendly shake, his hand is rough but firm. "Nice to meet you Connor." He releases his hand and sets the bag he has, next to hers. A small grin plays across his's not always a bad thing to smell like a female, anyways. "As Miss Hope said, I'm Robert, or Rob for short. And don't let her fool you, I think I did more damage to the groceries than the young lady did to me."

Connor laughs and looks at the jacket "Wow...This is the first time this thing's probably been drycleaned....ever." He sets it over to the side "Thanks Hope." He looks over to Rob and Hope both "Can I get you guys a drink?"

Hope smiles, enjoying the comraderie here. She chuckles a little at Rob's comment and shakes her head at Connor. "Oh...just some hot cocoa for me. It helps ward off the chill." Yep...corny and vanilla but there it is. She's not a drinker or at least not that she remembers. She looks over to Connor and smiles "Your brother seems very nice. Although I think I interrupted him in the middle of something when I called. He seemed out of breath. I hope you'll give him my apologies."

Rob chuckles softly, "No...thank you, I'm not thirsty just yet." He leans against the bartop and watches the other two, taking in thier scents for now.

Connor orders the drink for hope and turns back towards her, laughing "Yeah, my brother's quite a character. Goofy lil guy. Not quite right in the head. He wanted me to tell you hi though, and that he loved your accent."

Hope chuckles a little and nods to this. "I'm sure he's just as kind and charming as you. As my daddy always said, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and well since you're both from the same tree..." She shrugs a little as if to say that that should say it all. "Besides you all have the accents..not me." she says jokingly knowing darn well they both had them in this neck of the woods. She looks over to Rob and tilts her head a little. "You sure? How about just some coffee or tea or something. Nothing warms you up on a day like this like a hot drink."

Rob grins and shakes his head, "No, I'm sure. The cold doesn't bother me at all" can't you just see the winter coat...oh wait, wrong form "it's invigorating actually." He grins, "Besides, I'm still trying to get over my drink-athon from last night." Funny, he doesn't show the signs of a hangover.

Connor laughs "What are you talking about? I'm at home in this neck of the woods. South boston is nothing but irish. You on the other hand are quite a way from home" He grins and elbows her playfully.

Hope crosses her legs and leans back a little in her chair so that she can see the both of them at the same time. She chuckles at both of them and unbelts her coat, the warmth of the pub finally sinking in, before she slips it off her shoulders and looks around for a place to set it. "Alright cocoa for the misplaced hillbilly then and nothing else." she says with a little grin, giggling slightly and then quickly covering her mouth as she gets that elbow tickling her side.

Rob shakes his head with a grin on his face, turning his head to look at the crowd. He scans them slowly just enjoying the feeling of the pub before he looks back at the two.

Connor settles his eyes on Hope "So what have you been up to since the party? We haven't really seen each other since then."

Hope glances to Rob hoping that he is enjoying himself. She hates to be rude. At Connor's voice she lokks over to him and smiles with a small shrug. "Not much...I did some shopping and things. Oh..I did run into a friend of mine outside the old church up in the Bronx though..She's getting married on Sunday. I'm so happy for her. She asked me to be a bridesmaid so..sometime this week I need to go shopping for the dress. " She drapes her coat over her arm.."Hmm.. but if you two boys will excuse me though. I think I need to go powder my nose before I get that cocoa." She waits to leave the bar stool till she hears them though. It's rude to just run off like that and all.

Rob grins, Geneva...he has met the girl. Nother nice one, but he nods at Hope, "By all means, go ahead...I'm sure poor Connor here can entertain me for the moment." He looks at Connor and smiles almost ferally at fast can the boy run he thinks.

Connor laughs "Indeed, I'll try to behave and play nice with your friend while you're gone" His grin almost matches Rob's.

Hope doesn't seem to notice the wolfish grins from either boy and nods with a smile, a little skip in her step as she turns and heads to the neon light that indicates the restroom. yep..sometimes she's just too...perky and chipper. Bleah...some folks mind find it off putting, or think she's a little touched in the head but she's luckily oblivious to these thoughts.

Rob watches the girl skip off shaking his head a moment, she is perky...but i's that puke inducing way. He turns back to look at Connor, sizing him up.

Connor laughs and looks right back at Rob, not intimidated in the least. He's still got that amused glint in his eyes.

Rob watches the other man for a long moment, "So tell me about yourself Connor?" He blinks slowly, relaxed against the bar.

Connor smiles, not really understanding what Rob's looking for in the question, considering the vagueness of it. "Like?"

Rob chuckles softly as he scans the room slowly, taking in the scents that he has already grown used to before looking back at him, "Whatever you think is interesting" showing that he really wouldn't care."

Connor shrugs "Well, born in Ireland, obviously from the accent. Have a twin brother. Moved to boston couple years ago and have been here since."

Rob nods his head, "I see...northern or southern Ireland? I'm familiar with the country, but never met an Irish person...met a Scottish, but thats different."

Connor nods understandingly "Definately different. I was raised in Dublin actually."

Rob nods his head, "I see. Read many interesting things about Dublin." He smiles a little, "Maybe I'll visit there some day."

Hope makes her way back out of the restroom area with coat still over her arm and approaches the bar where the other two are. She listens to them as she sets her coat over by Connors and takes her seat back between them, leaning back so that she doesn't interrupt their conversation.

Connor smiles over at Hope as she returns "Welcome back" He tosses some cash down as the Hot Cocoa is brought over along with a refill of his own drink.

Rob smiles as Hope returns, "Yes...welcome back Miss." He smiles and finally sits down to watch them both. He looks at the alcohol behind the bar, looking to see if they serve it.

Hope picks up her cocoa and sips, putting it down to let it cool a little. "Thank you..both of you. You wouldn't believe the line in there. Why is that I wonder. The women's room ialways has a line and the men's doesn't. Odd" she hmms softly and shrugs a little as she looks to the two of them. "I'll bet Connor has a leg up on me now. He's spent more getting to know you time with you Robert, than I have." Yep...that's Hope...putting her foot in her mouth with the double entedres.

Connor laughs "It's because we pee standing up..." He grins and takes a sip of his own beverage with a wink.

Rob turns to look at Connor, his smile slipping a little, "Mind your manners in front of a lady Connor." There is just the hint of a threat in that, but he turns to look at the bartender, "Vodka with a twist of lime please." He turns and looks at Hope, "Not really...I didn't even say anything about you are still far."

Hope's eyes widen a little and a blush creeps into her cheeks at that as she mumbles slightly "Oh..that..that must be it." Though at Rob's scolding she places a hand on his arm. "Oh it's alright..really..he didn't mean it like that, I'm sure." But yeah there's still that bashfulness and blush as the mental image is in her head. Blinking it away quickly she clears her throat. " ya from?" her nervous little stutter begins to creep into her voice.

Connor smiles and sets his glass down on the bar, waiting to listen to what Rob has to say.

Continued in Part II.