Mutatis Mutandis
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Baby Steps
Submitted 30 September 2003 by Hope.
IC Date:   18 September 2003
Point of View:   Hope
Participants:   Hope, Paul
Locale:   Central Park, New York City
Summary:   With the help of Paul, Hope makes her first few tenative steps towards normality.

Hope has found herself strolling back to the spot where she encountered the vampire and the other man the previous evening. Well perhaps other creature is more likely. He didn't seem like a man very much as much as he did something...otherworldly. Most likely a vampire. Like Aramand. The thought of the name causes a shiver to run down her spine. But from what? She stops at the trickling fountain and stares at it's sparkling waters, the leaves turning gold and red floating in it's ebb and tide. Her driver/bodyguard, Sven, stands nearby but doesn't intrude despite his imposing figure.

Paul is just reclining against a tree, with a foot proped across his shin. He plays with a deck of cards out of sheer boredom of course...seeing as there hasn't been anything of interest in his life lately. He just scans the passing people, maybe he can pick up a mark or something, can never have enough spending cash yah know. He yawns as he scrunches his nose a little, making his shades lower slightly. Nother lovely day in an otherwords boring existence.

Sven notices the boy and looks at him suspiciously. Yeah, Emma's appointed bodyguard has seen plenty of types in his day and he watches the boy closely. Hope on the other hand, seems totally oblivious to those things and people around her as she walks around the fountain, eyes still locked on the water as she runs a hand around the edge. The sparkle of the fading sun glittering and getting trapped in those unruly blonde vurls as she moves. Her feet carry her to the side nearest to Paul and she sighs softly. A mark? She could be. To the right people.

Paul would screw with the bodyguard, just out of principle but not right now. He's more or less stareing at the blonde that he recognizes rather well. He stops shuffling his cards and they just vanish quickly as his left hand runs through his hair slowly. A faint smile plays across his lips as he tucks his hands into his trench and steps away from the tree. "Evening Hope. Long time no see." His voice isn't loud, but it does carry rather well. He stops at a good enough distance to make sure the bodyguard doesn't get the wrong impression.

Hope looks up sharply at the sound of her name, her hand drawing away from the fountain and back towards her body protectively. She looks over at Paul and nods, slowly. Yeah, there's fear there behind those green eyes that look a little too large as wide as she has them open. In a halting, hestiant voice she says "H..Hello." A furtive glance is shot over to Sven and he just nods stoically to let he know that she's here.

Paul just holds his hands out away from him, he says softly, "Relax's me, you do remember me yes?" He even takes a step back to illustrate that he means no harm.

Hope nods slowly and swallows hard "Y..yes...I remember." her brow creases a little as she looks down and away. Bad memories of that place. "'re from that place.." She mummbles with her stutter as she twines her hands nercously in front of her. Like a scared little doe she stands shock still and her eyes flutter back and forth from the ground to the boy and the bodyguard.

Paul nods a little, "Yeah...I'm from there, but haven't been there in a while. I just sleep there anymore. How have you been Hope? Are they taking care of you at the Academy?" So he doesn't know her real well, but he still counts her as a friend. He sighs a little, "I'll leave you alone if you want Hope, I can see you're busy."

Hope chews her bottom lip a little and stares at her exspensive shoes. Well she certainly looks as if she is being well taken care of. Very posh. One foot comes up to dig a toe into the dirt a little, hands still wringing in front of her. "'s's alright. ' she says barely above a whisper. After all wasn't that what this trip was for? Shock therapy of sorts? She takes a deep breath and looks up at Paul, far from the vision of the bubbly and happy girl that she was when he met her. "I like my new home. Aunt Emma takes very good care of me. She's wonderful." is her reply. It's obvious though that the girl thinks a lot of the White Queen.

Paul nods his head slowly, "Yes...she is. I've met Ms. Frost, she is...interesting." Thats always a nice way to put things of course. He clears his throat and tucks his hands in his trench pockets, "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, and I'm glad you're safe." He takes a glance at the bodyguard, and smiles a little, "Hired help part of the package?" So it's a bad joke, but he's nervous and trying to find some hapiness in the dark cloud.

Hope nods emphatically as Paul speaks of Emma. She doesn't catch the uncertain undertone of his words though. As he looks to Sven she looks confused a little. "Package?" But she follows his eyes over to the bodyguard, dressed smartly in his driver greys and ohs softly. "Oh..that's my driver, Sven. He watches over me when Aunt Emma isn't around." At the word driver she nods over to the silver Rolls Royce parked on the curb nearby. Looks like she;s getting slightly different treatment than the average student.

Paul glances at the car and whistles, "Very nice Hope, I see Ms. Frost is taking very good care of you." He looks back at her and smiles, "I'm glad you're happy." He clears his throat again and looks around, "Would you like to walk around the park and chat? Or would you like to sit down or something?" He blushes a little, "I'm not very good at the whole chivalrous thing yet, but I'm trying.

Hope nods again and looks around. "I...I think I should stay close to the car. Sven gets a little nervous if we get too far from it." Gee, wonder why that is? A Rolls in Central Park. Can't fathom a guess! ;) She backs up and sits on the edge of the fountain, her back to the setting sun. " have you been?" she asks, venturing out a little and putting effort into making talk. It's hard and she fights the urge to bolt and run but she stays put.

Paul smiles a little, "I can see the logic in that" and he plops down on the grass, folding his knee's under him, "I've been ok. Running around and trying not to get my head bashed in, it's always fun." He removes his shades and puts them in his pocket and smiles, "I've been hanging around Katrin and Amy alot lately, so forgive me if I'm a little iffy." He grins and just looks at his shoes.

Hope frowns a little at the mention of Katrin's name. She tilts her head and looks paul over carefully. The sun is out, he's not crisping..." know Katrin?" she asks, her stutter still there though it's clear to see that she's putting effort into controlling it.