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Babes and Babies
Submitted 1 December 2003 by Hope.
IC Date:   30 November 2003
Point of View:   Hope
Participants:   Asia, Cannonball, Colossus, Connor, Hope, Spider-Man
Locale:   Emma Frost's Apartment, Massachusettes Academy and SoHo, New York City
Summary:   We start with Connor and Hope spending an afternoon sitting and talking and doing that shy puppy love thang when they get a visit from Cousin Sam. After a nice chat (and a little grilling from Sam) they say goodbye and Sam and Hope head into the City to p

Hope and Connor sit on the sofa, looking through a portfolio. They're sitting rather close and have that intimate chattiness going on interspersed with a giggle now and then from the blonde girl. She's already given him the grand tour of the house.

Connor has his arm wrapped around Hope as they scan through pictures, himself rather impressed by the quality of the prints. They're busy enjoying each others company enough that he's not really paying attention to anything else.

Sam hmms softly, as he ses she is with someone. He motions the butler, to stay quiet, and he quietly walks up and stands in the doorframe watcjhing the two without saying anything

Hope points to a picture "This is my home back in Kentucky. I love the way it looks in the snow so I did it that way." She shrugs and smiles shyly to Connor "Silly huh?" It's a nice littel farm house in a very pastoral setting with trees and a fence running around the front of the yard in that old fashioned pole and beam style.

Connor smiles as he studies the picture "It looks nice." He moves his eyes from the picture to her with a smile still playing across his lips "Maybe we can go there sometime..."

Sam grins and says "Yea, maybe she can show ya the swimming hole, and the tire swing."

Hope smiles warmly, seeming very pleased with that thought as Connor mentions it. But just as she's about to answer she hears Sam's voice in the doorway and nearly jumps acting self conscious and nervous like a teenager getting caught on the front porch after a date. "Sammy. Hi...I didn't hear you come in." she says quickly and looks over at Connor sheepishly. "This...this is Connor." she says as she gives Sam a pointed look. Oh yeah Sammy should know who Connor is from Hope talking about him. She looks to Connor. "This is my cousin Sammy." Of course the family resemblence should be obvious.

Connor smiles at the man across from him and rises from his spot on the couch with an extended hand "It's nice to meet you Sam." His irish accent is blatently obvious, not lost at all since his time in the states.

Sam takes the hand and gives a firm shake. His own accent a bit stronger southern than Hope's right now. He looks at the man, and says "So, your the conner, I was tolkd a bit about."

Hope gives Sam a look that could freeze water as she turns beet red clearing her throat nervously and setting the portfolio aside and standing. "Um..yeah. this would be him." she says and bites her bottom lip. "So um..would ..would anyon care for some tea chocolate?"

Connor grins a bit but trys not to let her catch it...he could have quite a bit of fun with this guy, he can tell already. He turns back to Hope and smiles "I'm fine love, thanks though.."

Sam 's brow raises and he looks over to Hope, at What the other man says. While Connor is ooking to her, he mouths "LOve?"

Hope giggles a little and covers her mouth shaking her head at Sam and mouthing. 'Later.' be fore looking back over at Connor and smiling. "Okay. I guess we could a seat. And don't believe a /thing/ Sammy's all lies I swear." she teases, knowing her cousin will embarass the heck out of her.

Connor takes his seat back on the couch and laughs, waiting for all of those embarassing stories that come along with family members.

Sam hmms and looks over to Hope. I could use some hot coco, Hoho." He grins at her, and moves to have a seat, and sits in the chair, leaveing the two the comfy seat

Hope bites her lip and looks at Sam then Connor. Oh cripes. She just gave him a major opportunity to embarass the heck out of her didn't she? Cripes. She nods and says as she heads to the kitchen calling back after her from the doorway "And no talkng about me while I'm gone Samuel Guthrie!"

Connor laughs and watches her go with a smirk "So...How's it going?" He isn't quite sure what to strike up conversation about.

Sam says "Well well, " HE looks over smileing a bit over to Hope, giving her the mischievious smile. "Tell me about yourself Connor?""

Connor looks back at Sam "Um, well I was born in Ireland. Moved here a couple of years ago with my twin brother..." He runs his hand through his hair "Anything in particular you wanted to know?"

Sam hmms, and says "What do you do for a living, are you a student, or what if I may ask." He sits there, and even though he is trying to be mild about it, he is obviously grilling the guy some

Connor smiles as the big brother type interogation initiates, although this was just the begininning of it, wait until The White Queen decides she wants to give him the run down.."I actually work at a meat packing plant in South Boston"

Sam looks over to th eman, and nods a bit to this. "HOw did you and she meet if I may ask."

The tea kettle in the other room begins to whistle and is quickly turned off. A hustle and bustle of cabinet doors opening and closing and spoon clinking on the side of the mug can be heard. Not long now, Hope will be back in the room shortly.

Connor responds without having to pause to think about it, remembering the day well "At the museum in New York, we ran into each other."

Sam hmms, and says "So, you and she are dateing now?" He asks a bit bluntly, knowing the kettl;e means she will be back soon

Connor laughs, he doesn't beat around the bush does he? "You'd have to ask her, but I'd be inclined to say so...yes."

The smell of the hot cocoa preceeds her down the hallway as she comes back to the room. Hope smiles as she hands over Sam's drink, complete with those little marshmallows melting away on the top. " boys getting to know each other?" she asks as she sits down next to Connor.

Sam grins and reaches over for the coco, and says "Oh we getting to know things, as we talk I aint told him anything fun yet.

Connor smirks as she sits back down next to him "Figured it would be more fun if you were present" He winks and nudges her playfully.

Hope smiles and looks around at the two of them. "No fair." she says pouty a little but good naturedly and nudging Connor as she gets comfortable on the couch. "Y'all just like to see me turn red. I know Sammy does."

Sam grins more, and says "Now, would I do that hon?" He asks, with a grin on his face. He sips his drink and looks over to the two smileing a bit more."

Connor nudges back again, starting to create a mini war between the two of them in that sickly cute puppy kind of way. "Well I'd be lying if I said I didn't like watching you blush either."

Hope giggles and sneaks a hand to his side to tickle. "You're rotten." She shoots Sam a glance and smiles "Both of you. And yes you would Samuel Guthrie. I swear. Poor Connor. It's a good thing it's not you and Liam and Andy. Poor thing wouldn't stand a chance." She smiles at Connor and winks.

Sam grins a bit more, and sips his coco, and says "I guess I could call them, and have them come to christmas.

Connor laughs and winks back, trying to get her hand away from his side, refusing to call mercy due to tickling but unfortunately he's incredibly ticklish. "Aye, that'd be grand, we could all just spend the night grilling me.." He laughs, not minding the questioning in the least, it's good to know people care about Hope so much.

Sam grins and buts in "Reminds me Hoho, we wanna send all the christmas presents back home in one package, or we wanna carry them back home?"

Hope smiles and finds one of Connor's weaknesses. Muhahahaha. She stops after a moment and smiles to him before looking over to Sam. He should be able to tell that she's on cloud 9 right now. "Actually Aunt Emma was talking about having them all up here for Christmas. We can just give them out in person." Oh boy.

Connor holds onto her hand with his own to make sure the tickling doesn't restart, and partially just because he doesn't really mind holding her hand. He sits back and listens as the two of them talk.

Sam smirks a bit watching the two, and says "Ah may leave their presents here, as I don't think Emma, is gonna want to bring all yours and all Mine hon. Hopefully they will get in before I have to leave.

Hope oh's softly. She hadn't even thought about that. Not even realizing she's doing it she snuggles closer to Connor, resting in the crook of his arm and holding his hand. "Well I'm sure they will be. When are you planning on heading home?" she asks of her cousin.

Connor smiles and rests his head against hers while intertwining their fingers. He's content listening to the chatting between the relatives.

Sam smirks even a bit more and leans back in his chair "Actually aint set a date yet, I been out buying presents already though."

Hope grins a little and winks to Sam. "So....what'd ya get me?" she teases, seeming childlike in her playfulness. Hey, it don't hurt to ask even if you know you're not gonna get a real answer. A small happy sigh escapes her as she sits there.

Connor smirks and quietly mumbles "Coal" as he sits next to her, quiet enough to only be heard if you were paying attention, and probably not in earshot of Sam. He looks down at Hope with a big cheezy grin on his face as if his hand had been caught in a cookie jar.

Sam actually does catch that word, just cause it is a word he has heard so often in his life, and says "Na, we both have enough of that already in our veins." He says, and says "Was actually thinking about Haveing this." He pulls out his wallet, and flips to a photo (of a pair of kids, about 6 or 7 years old look amost like twins. The boy is dropping a frow down the backk of the little girls shirt. The little girl has pigtails," The photo caught the boy in the act. "Thinking about something like thta."

Hope digs her elbow right into that ticklish spot on Connor's ribs and she grins up at him, sticking her tounge out at him and wrinkling her nose. "I've been good thank you very much." she informs him and then tilts her head a little thinking "At least I /think/ I have." Blast that bad memory. She looks over as Sam pulls out the picture and laughs loudly, leaning forward and trying to get the picture hidden from Connor. "You wouldn't!" she says "Oh I thought I'd never get that blasted bull frog out of my overalls!"

Connor starts to crack up with laughter, not from the tickling but the picture, and the thought of Hope with a bullfrog down her shirt. He wraps his arms around her waist and holds her back so she can't get the picture as he struggles to breath from the laughter.

Sam chuckles, and smiles a bit as he leans back closeing the wallet, and slidieing it into his pocket. HE grins a bit more, and says "Maybe I shoult call ya mom, and make sure, she brings the photo album."

Hope's giggles at Connor's laughter and is pleasantly trapped but her eyes widen at Sam's words. "Don't you dare Sammy. Or I'll pick out the ones of you in the bathtub as a baby and blow them up life sized for all y'students to see." She threatens with a grin. Okay so it's an idle threat cause she's in some of those pics with him in the tub.

Connor keeps his arms around Hope and smiles over at Sam "You'll give me a call when you get those photos right?"

Sam nods, and looks to the other guy, and says "Well Ah thought it would be muchmore fun with her mom's play by play on them, she can tell the stories so much better than me.

Hope chuckles and shakes her head "No pictures. I'll threaten them with becoming a nun if they do." Her grin shows she's kidding but Whoa...her Mom being Protestant would flip over that threat. Dad on the other hand ...well he's Catholic so..he wouldn't mind too much.

Connor laughs "Oh, there'll be pictures...A play by play would be great, looking forward to it."


After Connor leaves Sam takes Hope into New York in his own particular style for shopping and baby sitting Asia where they meet up with Peter Parker.

Sam lands with Hope in an akkey way out of sight of passerbys, and looks to her "still like the flying?"

Hope clutches her hat and nods "Yeah except the landing. Whoo hard to adjust to weight again."

One of AMy's friend has ASia's hand and bag, looking at her watch waiting to unload the munckin. Asia is suckling her thumb, she's looking diffrent than Sam or Hope seen her (new desc )but it's her.

Sam walks ouf of the allyway chuckeling a bit "Should have seen the old landings." He says He looks around, and spots, the woman who describes herself to meet him.

Hope chuckles and tightens the belt on her coat as they walk over to the girls, a little unsteady on her feet still.

The lady looks to Sam and pushes Asia to him. "Um here is the girl, her mom said met you here, right Sam Gunthrie?"

Asia gets pushed and forward and almost trips.

Sam frowns, and reaches down to scoop up asia. "Hey, you could be more gentle." He says looking at the woman, almost angry now.

Hope reaches out to catch Asia to keep her from falling and stops as Sam reaches her first. She to scowls at the girl and scolds in a more motherly tone than Sam "How would you like it if people went around pushing you? She's just a little girl."

The woman didn't meant to she's just nervous and that's obvious, she just nods and starts to head into the crowd, still with Asia's diaper bag on her shoulder

The little mutant hugs Hope as she gets saved from being pushed on the ground. "Hi hi hope!" the girls says in a weak but happy tone.

Sam calls out "He we need her diaper bag, miss." HE hands Asia to Hope, to step after the bag if need be.

Hope takes the little girl and hugs her as Sam goes after the girl. "Hi there sweetie. How have you been?" she smiles to the little girl.

The woman stop and blinks. "Sorry sorry." she says nervously and passes Sam the requested bag.

ASia does have a little jacket on too, forgot to put in the desc. She smiles and stretches. "Seepy, ASia seep lots and lots."

Sam looks to the woman, and sees the nervousness, and says "Amy will be ok, I am sure of it."

Hope giggles and taps the girl's nose with a fingertip "Well a growing little girl needs her sleep to get big and strong and be able to go out dancing." she says as she twirls around in a little circle with Asia.

The woman just nods and heads off into the crowd.

ASia hugs hope and giggles playfully as they dance together.

Sam smiles and walks back over to the two, and says "Ok I got the bag." He smiles and says "Asia, you rember my cousin Hope?"

The little one nods. "Uh huh Asia member." she pauses for a yawn. "She at da Weddin of Geny and dat guy."

"That's right. I remember this little angel. And might I say you're dress is lovely." Hope says to the girl and holds her hand. "So are we ready to get inside? It's a little chilly out here."

Sam nods and moves to hold the door to the CD Haven open for the other two grinning a bit.

Asia smiles and nods. "Uh huh n't time be good.

Hope enters first with Asia hand in hand as they escape the chilly wind outside, Sam holding the door. "Whoo..this feels better doesn't it." she says to her.

Browsing the cd racks in the rock/pop section is one college student/photographer. Peter stands relaxedly near the back of the store, thumbing through a group of cases thoughtfully. He's got a brown backpack slung over one shoulder, his left thumb snugly tucked under the strap. So many CDs, so little income.

Sam looksover to Hope, as he comes in after woman and child, carrying a diaper bag. He looks over and says "any clue, what your brothers like right now?"

Asia looks up to Hope curiously, and looks around theplace. "Where here?" she asks, obviously neer being here before,

Hope nods to Asia "Yes we are." before looking over to Sam and shrugging "Not a clue. Last I heard Liam was still listening to Gene Autry and Hank Sr." she giggles a little and walks back towards the back of the store looking for the instruments. A guitar for Joy. That's the ticket.

The quiet click-clack of plastic casings continues as Peter flips through a few titles, eyeing the cds in consideration. As the door swings open and admits more people, his hazel eyes swing in line with the newcomers thoughtfully. Whoa. He knows both the blondes, but Hope is the one who gives him pause. Talk about your mood swings. He turns quickly back towards the rack and feels a bit of a flush rising to his cheeks. Swallowing, he suddenly wishes he weren't in easy line of sight for Sam and Hope both. His flustered reaction is temporary, he's not a teenager anymore dangit! But he just keeps browsing for the moment, real subtle-like.

Sam looks over for the Rock and Roll, and chuckles a bit as he sees Peter. He walks over to that area, as he was heading there also, and says "Ah, Mr. Parker, good to see ya again."

Asia smiles a bit as she looks around before looking back to Hope and smoching her cheek. She sliides her thumb into her mouth and drools a little bit.

Hope sets Asia down and turns following Sam. Must be one of his friends, she thinks as she looks at the boy. Nope. can't remember Peter from the past. Winking down at Asia she says in a whisper "I'll race ya..."

Great, he's busted. Peter smiles a bit sheepishly and lifts a hand to scratch at the back of his neck as he turns to face Sam, "Uh, hi Sam." He answers, a little uncertainly as Hope starts hurrying right over. He half expects to wind up pinned against the wall or some similarly nefarious and unsettling scheme that his spider-sense just doesn't warn him about, when he realizes that the demeanor is totally different, this time, and the time before. What they said about a demon... Hey, stranger things have happened, and the reporter in Peter is suddenly intrigued. His eyes catch the girl running over, and he blinks once, looking back to Sam, "Hey... Is that.." He breaks off, looking a bit embarassed. None of his business. Maybe it's a developmentally challenged kid, in addition to, you know, the faded grey skin thing.

Sam looks over and says "Mah daughter? Na, Asia, is a friends kid, Sweet little thing aint she? My cousin Hope here, and I are watching the little one today." HE says in explanation.

THe little girl is quiet, not saying anything, curious abut the boy. She hides behind Hope's leg and tugs on her dress curiously for a momkent. She chews her bottom lip and tries to figure out what is going on.

Hope giggles as they both reach the boy at the same time and ruffles Asia's hair before looking up at Peter and nodding as Sam introduces her. "Nice to meet you." she says in her meek little voice.

Yep, his daughter, that's the ticket. Peter smiles a bit more calmly, thankful to be off the hook. And realizing Hope isn't going to insist he demonstrate how truly smooth he's not this time helps to ease his mind, to boot. He smiles to Hope, "We've, uh, met. Sort of." Yea, that's telling them, Parker, "Though I think you were a little..." He scratches his head once more, in search of that word to describe the difference to the softspoken southerner here now, "Uhm, don't worry about it, it was a crowded bar, you probably don't remember." Peter settles for the little white lie, an all too frequent visitor to the hero. He offers Hope a hand, "I'm Peter Parker."

Sam hmms and looks down to make sure Hope's ruffle of Asia's hair, aint messed up anything, and nods "My mannors, sorry."

Asia blows a kiss to Sam and opens her arms up.

Hope tilts her head quizically at the things Peter says at first and says as she extends her hand " knew me..know me?" She takes a breath and then goes on quickly to try to explain the wierd question. "See I ..I had this accident and I can't remember well...pretty much anything in my life..well beyond High school that is. I mean I do but it's not all that clear." She shakes the boy's hand and smiles sheepishly "Sorry..that just sounded...wierd didn't it?"

The little girl looks about a moment, and waddles over to Sam. She smiles brightly to him before falling back wobbily on her bottome and lands with a giggle.

"Ah, sort of, in passing." Peter answers, sparing the details for the moment. Partly for his own embarassment, but hey, he can justify it by being in the presence of her family, right? Right! Convenient, that. He smiles reassuringly along with a firm and friendly handshake, "I've heard weirder. Don't worry about it." Peter seems comfortable enough with the limited explanation for the moment, hey, it's only fair, "You're okay now, I hope?" No blackouts, waking up in strange places, or gnawing of flesh that doesn't belong to her.

Sam looks down and reaches down to scoop the little one up. HE moves her to his chest and says "Sammy has ya now Asia hon." He grins a bit, and seems a natural with kids, he does listen to the other two talk.

Hope smiles and nods " Aunt Emma and Sammy here are watchin out for me so...well I couldn't be in better hands." she says to Parker smiling over to Sam.

The tiny one hugs Sam as she gets pulled closer to his chest. She rests in his arms, sliding her thumb in to her motuh and looking over to Hope curiously. She then moves her gaze back to Sam and giggle before bouncing up and down a little bit.

Peter nods, "I know all about the benevolence of aunts." He answers, and sounds profoundly serious in that lighthearted statement. He seems to somewhat ignore Sam and Asia, glancing that way only once or twice, somewhat odd given that Peter's fairly good around kids, normally, "Unfortunately I'm going to be late for class if I don't get going, here...."