Mutatis Mutandis
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Angel Feathers
Submitted 30 November 2003 by Hope.
IC Date:   27 November 2003
Point of View:   Hope
Participants:   Hope, Maeve
Locale:   Old Church, Bronx, New York City
Summary:   Sketching in the church where recently Geneva and Kris were wed, Hope encounters a curious person, Maeve.

Hope has been sitting in the same pew for hours. Her hand rapidly sketches an intricate drawing of the crucified Christ in the fron tof the church behind the altar. She doesn't seem aware of anyone else or anything else at the moment, all energies focused on her art. She pauses only once to strectch her neck and shoulders, brushing her hair out of her eyes.

While Hope sketches, a silver tabby kitty wanders about the sanctuary, poking her nose in here and there, tail waving over her back as she searches through every little nook and cranny she can, curious little beasty that she is. After a while, she seems to tire of this, padding over to sniff around Hope briefly before dissapearing off elsewhere. Sometime later, Maeve pads back in on two feet rather than four, apparently having satisfied her search through the building and coming back to see how Hope's progressed on the sketch. Her steps are near silent in the large room and she slips up behind the other girl to peer down at the paper from over Hope's shoulder.

Does the country bumpkin notice? Nope. Not immediately. She takes her pencil out of her hand and flexes the joints there, not realizing that she's been here so long. She takes a deep breath and looks at her creation a moment before making a few finishing touches. That's when she gets that feeling of being observed. She looks over her shoulder and jumps, not having heard anone come up behind her.

Maeve just smiles all friendly like. "Hi." she says cheerfully, glancing down at the paper in Hope's hands. "I like your drawing." She just seems to ooze happy, all easygoing and cheer. Instant likeability for most people.

Hope would be like most people it seems. Catching her breath she smiles to the girl "Oh..thank you." she says looking back to the drawing. "It's just...something I like to do." Now that's got to be the understatement of the decade. She turns in the pew to look back at the girl. "I'm Hope. It's nice to meet you."

Maeve smiles a bit more and folds her arms down over the back of the pew, sinking down a bit to just under Hope's eyelevel. "I'm Maeve. Do you draw here often?"

"Nice to meet you Maeve.." Hope replies. Those almost too large eyes gaze around the beauty of the old church and shakes her head "Actually no. I was here for a wedding this weekend and well...I just thought it was lovely so I came back to do some sketches."

Maeve ooos quietly. "A wedding? Was it pretty?" she asks, emerald eyes blinking slowly as she just watches Hope with a sort of rapt facination, as though details of the wedding where the most coolest thing she'd ever thought to hear.

Hope's eyes light up brightly "Oh it was the most beautiful event. Everyone was so lovely and the music and the flowers...I barely kept from bawling like a baby." She shifts in her seat to talk to the girl in an animated fashion.

Maeve wrinkles her nose and giggles, settling down to listen with rapt attention. "Did they have birds?" she asks curiously, tilting her head to one side and fiddling with the gems on one of her earrings.

Hope shakes her head "No but there were these flower petals that just sort of floated up...I don't know if it was a vent or on strings or what but they formed this walkway for them to leave under." She giggles a little and tucks her things away. "I got to be a bridesmaid. It was so exciting."

Maeve ooos again, giggling with Hope over the excitement, but slowly, her face creases in a bit of a frown. "But... if there weren't birds, why were there feathers?" she asks curiously, but looking expectantly to Hope for a good answer.

You say "ohs softly and bites her bottom lip a little thinking about it a moment " know's people that are....different, right?" She looks to the girl for a reaction "You know like people with..extra things that make them even more special?" She just doesn't like the sound of the word mutant."

Maeve just blinks at Hope vacantly for a few moments, not really seeming to understand, but she does smile a bit wider and nod. "Extra things... yup." she echos, nodding seriously, looking very much, all of a sudden, like a six year old trying to sound grown up.

Hope smiles noticing that the girl didn't freak out. 'Well...they ..the people at the wedding..the ones getting married ....they were like that." She leans in and whispers "Two of them had wings like angels!"

Maeve blinks again, this time taking a full second or two for her mind to process what exactly it was Hope said, but then, she smiles - rather toothily, oddly enough - and licks her lips. "Angels..." she echos softly, almost whistfully. "Angels got married here?"

Hope shakes her head "No...well one ..but the groom wasn't...He didn't have the wings but the bride...oh she was so lovely in all that white. Just..breath taking." she says in a dreamy voice.

Maeve sighs a bit dreamily as well, enjoying idle thoughts of what an angel must taste like - the feathers smell wonderful, she knows - but she pushes such thoughts away. "Brides always look pretty though, don't they?" she asks, wrinkling her nose again.

Hope nods nods and sighs a little herself. "I wonder what it'll be like when I get married. " she says dreamily.

Maeve giggles a bit and just as she's about to say something in response, she studdenly stops, tilting her head to one side as though listening to something, but to normal human ears, there is only silence. Then, abruptly as she came, Maeve dissapears, sliding out of the pew with a soft squeal as she darts for the door, vanishing around the corner with only a brief flash of her green sneakers following behind.