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An Old Friend
Submitted 20 September 2003 by Hope.
IC Date:   18 September 2003
Point of View:   Hope
Participants:   Daniel, Hope
Locale:   Upper East Side, New York City
Summary:   Coming home from a day of shopping, Hope runs into and old friend, the one who first rediscovered her and helped her through those scary first days in New Orleans.

A tall and ornate apartment building stands near the park. The front of the building includes a parking service and a door man.

Daniel is not very far from Amadeo's penthouse...but not close enough that Armand is particularly going to find him. Daniel is still kind of hiding. He does that sometimes. At the moment, he leans on a building, looking at the ground or at least seeming to.

Hope ,heading towards the Hellfire Club, exits the silver Rolls Royce and nods bashfully, but respectfully to the driver. Her shopping bags have been discarded for the moment at the hotel and she looks forward to the dinner that Aunt Emma said that the club was famous for. her shoes click clack on the sidewalk as she walks. Looking over to the right, her eyes fall on Daniel for a moment before looking away, not recognizing him right away. After a double take though she pauses in her walking and looks over again, hesitantly. She's still not real fond of men but this boy she remembers showed her nothting but kindness.

Daniel smiles and looks at Hope from under his bangs. He's not real sure as to the properly polite action right at the moment - he just blinks at her silently with big purple eyes.

"Daniel?" Hope says haltingly. A quick look over her shoulder at the driver/bodyguard to let him know it's alright as she walks over to Daniel. Hope is looking a lot different from her simple country girl style that he has seen her in. She is more polished and wealthy looking. More....high class, like a rich prep school girl. "How have you been?" she asks as she nears him and extends a hand.

Daniel looks at her for a moment, and tosses his head so the bangs flop out of his eyes. "Hope." He says politely, taking her hand. He's a little clammy, but . "Hope." He says politely, taking her hand. He's a little clammy, but not -too- cold. "I've been okay...I guess." He seems melancholy, as always, but...never so overtly so that it's remarkable.

Hope's own little warm hand grips his gently and smiles, though there is a certain amount of guardedness on her part. She's not quite the open and outgoing girl she once was. "That's good to hear. I haven't seen you in forever it seems." She glances over at the entrance to the Club and gestures towards it "I was just heading for a little dinner. Would you care to join me?"

If Daniel notices the difference, he keeps it to himself. "It has been a while..." He keeps his voice light, though the mention of forever stings a little. "I probably shouldn't..." he mumurs, but then tilts his head in the direction of Armand's gallery building. "But I live over there - we're not too far apart. You could come visit sometime."

Hope tilts her head inquisitively and looks at Daniel. "Oh.." she says softly to the declined invitation. Her eyes follow his to the other building and she shakes her head slightly. "Oh I'm not living here. Only visiting. I'm in Boston now. I have a wonderful God mother that runs a school there. I'll be attending her school this year."

Daniel smiles. "That's nice to hear. But...if you're ever around, you could visit." He is still warmly friendly, although there is, as always, something about him that seems abstracted and elsewhere.

Hope nods, averting her eyes a bit and looking away. She's not forgotten the dizzying effect those eyes had had on her in New Orleans. "That would be lovely. " she says. Of course she doesn't know that he lives with Amadeo. Or why that building looks so familiar. "Perhaps I could bring by Aunt Emma sometime. I'm sure you would love her. She is such a wonderful person. She's done so much to help me."

Mmmm. "Perhaps you could." Daniel says with a touch of a smile.