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What is Mutatis Mutandis MUX
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  What is Mutatis Mutandis MUX

MUX stands for Multi-User X-perience. A MUX is one of many environments such as MUSH, MUCK, and MUD, which collectively fall under the term MU*. The TinyMUX hardcode is based off of PennMUSH and TinyMUSH.

Now the next question you might be asking is, What is all this MU* stuff? Well, a MU* is an online real-time environment where folks gather to roleplay in a way that is often called "interactive fiction." The gaming style at Mutatis Mutandis is not based on statistics, and results are not canned. Rather, people co-create the results based on a broader definition of what the character can and cannot do in a way that encompasses player consent. It is a system of gaming which requires a good measure of responsibility on the players' behalves, but returns an even greater measure of player freedom and opportunity to creatively explore new avenues of roleplay.

Mutatis Mutandis is a themed MUX; an interpretation of the corner of the Marvel Universe occupied by the X-Men and the ongoing conflict of homo sapiens and homo sapiens superior, or mutant kind. Throughout these pages is information on Mutatis Mutandis MUX, the timeline of the MUX, playing on Mutatis Mutandis, and some tidbits of the community surrounding Mutatis Mutandis.

We invite you to look around the pages and get to know more about us, we'd like to hear back from you, and we'd love to have you come visit us online.