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What is Mutatis Mutandis MUX
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Information provided to us regarding your identity as a player is considered confidential and is not distributed without your explicit consent. Neither do we condone the sharing of information about our players by the MUX community without the express consent of the person about whom you are speaking. Private real life is just that—private. Players who conduct themselves within the guidelines and rules of the game are welcome; we only collect enough information to assess whether a player is going to be welcomed into our game.

We do not use cookies for tracking on this web site, and although we do utilize web server log analysis to better understand our users, we do not aggregate data or make any connections outside our network to do so. We do not profile users or record any personal or private information other than that which is provided during the application process.

We do use cookies to enhance the user experience within certain areas of the site to retain your personalization settings during the course of a browser session.