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What is Mutatis Mutandis
What is Mutatis Mutandis MUX
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Mutatis Mutandis is a collaborative online roleplaying environment that is open to the public. Playing on Mutatis Mutandis is free, but subject to the administration's rules, guidelines and policies. Prospective and current players are encouraged to understand our gaming environemnt.

What is Mutatis Mutandis
What is mutatis mutandis and all of this talk of change?
*take a brief and painless Latin lesson
What is Mutatis Mutandis MUX
What's a MUX and why did we select mutatis mutandis as our credo and theme?
*mmmux is all about necessary changes
About the Mutatis Mutandis Web Site
Information and tools available to you about the Mutatis Mutandis web site.
*discover the mutatis mutandis web site
Legal Information
Information on our disclaimer, copyright, terms of use and privacy policy.
*check the legal stuff
Mutatis Mutandis is on its second life, but we've archived for you what remains of MMMUX1.x.
*take a trip down memory lane