Mutatis Mutandis
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Welcome to Mutatis Mutandis

The phrase Mutatis Mutandis is Latin and means "that having been changed which had to be changed" or more commonly, "with the necessary changes". Mutatis Mutandis MUX is an interactive gaming environment created with this concept in mind; that in order to create, one must change, and that change is inevitable as a fundamental given. All things change. We can only strive to make the changes that will create a better world.

Logs, Logs, Logs
Player contributed logs of roleplay give glimpses into the lives of the inhabitants of the world of Mutatis Mutandis.
*logs last updated on Monday, 16-Feb-2004 00:40:18 MDT
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What makes the world of Mutatis Mutandis different from your run of the mill superhero venue? It's not just filled with people wearing spandex, for one thing.
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